‘I’m more adventurous than William’: Kate Middleton surprises with aphrodisiac food

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Kate Middleton It went viral after a TikTok user captured a revealing moment when the Princess of Wales tested a sample of an aphrodisiac food during her royal tour of the Caribbean.

“I am more adventurous than William,” The mother-of-three joked during the trip she took with her husband, Prince William, to the Bahamas.

The prince responded to his wife’s joke at the time: “I can handle it.”

Real fan account l0velycatherine focused on the couple’s lighthearted exchange as Kate Middleton snuck into a local oyster salad restaurant, the last stop on her March 2022 tour.

The video, which was shared on TikTok several days ago, quickly garnered more than 158,000 views.

The video shows the Princess of Wales’ necklace A slice of oyster meat was stuffed into his mouth as the crowd of locals applauded.

It is rumored that the local seafood delicacy has the same effect as Viagra.

TikTok users paid tribute to Kate Middleton

Many TikTok users were quick to praise the Princess of Wales’ enthusiasm for trying this delicacy, including some who said it was proof she was born to be the future Queen of the United Kingdom.

“It’s funny the way she jokes so rudely with him. She’s not afraid to try new things that kings don’t usually do.” user wrote.

Another added: “Why did William fall in love with Kate Middleton? There is an answer that showed him the simplicity of life in the midst of real life.

“She’s so gorgeous. She was born to be a queen,” said another user.

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Look at Kate Middleton eating an aphrodisiac

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