Illustration and science go hand in hand at URJC

The first ESCET Conference on Scientific and Technical Illustration is held with the aim of creating a meeting point between professional illustrators, scientists and students, to encourage the exchange of ideas, needs and services.

Editorial / Raul Garcia Himonet

On November 27 and 28, the first Scientific and Technical Illustration Conference will be held on the Mostolis Campus. The event has more than 150 registered people, divided between in-person and remote attendees, due to interest in participation from both Spain and Latin America.

The conference serves as a forum where illustrators showcase their latest works, within the framework of different artistic disciplines ranging from digital painting, 3D modeling, field notebooks or computer graphics.

For their part, scientists from URJC and other national and international universities spoke about “the knowledge they have generated and how they use the tools provided by scientific clarification to disseminate it,” the organization noted. In addition, science and engineering students have the opportunity to make connections and learn about new career opportunities that are not explored during academic trips.

The conference received an excellent reception from the institutions invited to participate (Illustraciencia, National Museum of Natural Sciences, Royal Botanical Garden, OneTandem, Mayku and RenderArea).

On Tuesday 28 November, in the afternoon, a parallel session was held at the National Museum of Natural Sciences with a practical computer graphics workshop, led by a speaker from the Illustraciencia Academy, one of the participants of the event.

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