If you are going to buy another AirTag, the best (and only) piece of advice I can give you is this

It’s not easy to get just one. the AirTag is one of the Apple products in discussion its fraudulent use Far, get that Its users end up with many advantages thanks to its massive utility. There are dozens of places to put it, and users use it too Where Apple does not guarantee good performance.

If your case is about getting an AirTag and wanting to buy more, there’s a tip you can consider. Because yes, each AirTag has its own ID and can be named however you want the iPhone to be, but they are all the same at first glance. And Apple offers you a perfect solution for that.

Each AirTag with its engraving

If you end up owning a collection of multiple AirTags, all you have to do is organize them or Change the battery Several of them at the same time until you get confused and have to use the search app to tell them apart. Solution: add an inscription.

Apple offers this service free of charge if you purchase AirTags online its official website, with the option to add text and/or emojis to it. It does not matter if you buy only one or a pack of 4, in the latter case you can register each AirTag with different content.

This means that you can distinguish each AirTag with just the naked eye, thus avoiding potential confusion that you might have at the minute moments. The disadvantage is that you have to wait a little longer to receive the AirTags at home or in the Apple Store, while without the engraving you can take them with you Active Quickly.

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Remember that you can only create files A maximum of 16 AirTags per Apple account, so as not to be too ambitious when considering a group. But if you get to that amount, getting each AirTag with its own individual engraving isn’t a bad idea.

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