If Spotify's audio is too quiet, try these tricks

Do you feel from time to time that your Spotify audio seems quieter? We list several tricks to check what's going on

How to improve Spotify volume

On occasions when we get 100% attention. We have noticed some minor bugsOr in short or simply We didn't realize when it happened previously On your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple device. It happens with the volume level when we see or listen to some contentIt can be in the browser itself or in a specific application. We'll talk about Spotify status and volume if you notice that it seems lower than usual. We will analyze the issue and provide some tricks to solve it.

My Spotify plays songs or podcasts at lower volume, why?

Sometimes they are things that cannot be explained. A common action like turning down the volume at some point during the day and forgetting that we did it When we reproduce something, it is a warning sign. In the minutes before bed, I usually look at the most recent Instagram Stories for the day and hop on Twitter to see the latest new stories. During this period something very simple happens, My volume is not activated and between apps and movements it occurred to me that my iPhone completely loses sound.

There could be a bug in the iOS operating system or the apps in question.on Spotify it can happen to you too but here the case is prolonged. The audio track is heard quieter than usual on both the speaker and headphones. We will list concrete solutions and hope that this will solve the problem

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Check your device volume and Spotify

If you change the ringtone level with keys enabled on your iPhone, Check in Control Center that the device volume is at maximum or at a high level. also Make sure Spotify has enough volumebecause it has a scroll bar.

Check the volume level within Spotify

Check the volume level within Spotify

On the playback screen, Press the Hardware button and drag the Volume rocker to the right. Are you using your device connected to speakers? Make sure it is not connected to another audio sourceSometimes, if you have Bluetooth accessories, it happens that they connect to the speaker itself and the volume level is lower due to poor connection. Turn the speaker off and on again to make a successful connection.

Disable data saving on iPhone

the Playback quality This could be another reason why the audio track is less powerful and does not sound natural. Data saving may be affected. Consider disabling this feature on Spotify

  1. Tap your profile picture and select Settings & Privacy
  2. Locate Data Saver and turn it off.
Disable data saving mode in Spotify

Disable data saving mode in Spotify

This option Applies to both Wi-Fi and mobile data. If you do not have a good internet connection at the time of playback, this may also be another reason that affects the sound quality.

The sound quality also depends on the Internet connection

The sound quality also depends on the Internet connection

Turn off audio normalization

Do you switch genres a lot? Imagine you start listening to calm classical music and the next track is thrash metal, the difference in decibels will be completely different. That's why Spotify has an audio normalization function to balance songs It is soft and strong. When you turn it off, you may notice an improvement in low volume.

  1. Go to Spotify settings
  2. In Playback, turn off Enable Audio Leveling..
Disable audio normalization

Disable audio normalization

If this does not solve the problem in your opinion, We will continue to address the deeper settings of Spotify.

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Set the volume to a higher level

If you've already increased the volume on Spotify and your device and haven't noticed an improvement, We will configure an additional volume setting located in the application settings. Please note that this setting may cause sound quality to be affected.

  1. Go to Spotify settings on Operating Division
  2. In Volume, adjust it from normal to high.

If you have Spotify Premium, you probably won't notice distortion or loss of quality if you have the highest quality set possible.

Reset the equalizer or turn it off

Owns Activate equalizer From Spotify? Check how it is defined in the Playback section of the settings itself. Try turning it off and see if there is an improvement. also You can review the different settings it offers based on the type. In my experience, it's a good idea to compare the ones you like and pick one out. Otherwise it is better to turn it off.

Check out the equalizer on Spotify

Check out the equalizer on Spotify

Rebooting is very important, don't forget it

if Accessories, HomePod, or smart speaker can be resetDo not forget Apply this procedure from time to time to detect errors in operation. Also consider restarting your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Keep the Spotify app updated Because sometimes they usually resolve bugs detected while playing the content or experience in the app itself.

Here we finish the tricks that you can do within Spotify to solve the problem. finally, Let's review the physical details that may cause a decrease in volume reflex.

The iPhone runs with the apple as the icon

The iPhone runs with the apple as the icon

Clean the device's speakers and check your headphones or Bluetooth speakers

Check if your speakers are not clogged with dust and dirt. Using a dry brush, try scrubbing the speaker holes to clean them. Also check and clean the headphones or speakers you are using. If it is The problem lies in the accessoriesIt will be the best Transfer them to the technical service To make sure there is no problem with their devices.

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What type of content do you listen to? Also remember that the sound source can be terribleThat is, if it's a podcast or music that was poorly recorded in the last century and hasn't been remastered or re-released, you won't be able to make major changes.

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