If Rishi Sunak wins there will be compulsory military service in the UK

“I have a plan”

Rishi Sunak He argued that compulsory service would aid revival “National spirit” And “It will provide opportunities that will change the lives of our youth.”According to the statement published by British media.

“This is a great country, but generations of young people have not had the opportunities or experience they deserve, and there are forces trying to divide our society in this increasingly uncertain world.” Sunak explained, quoted from BBC.

“I have a clear plan to address this and secure our future. “I will introduce a new model of national service to create a sense of common purpose among our young people and a renewed sense of pride in our country.”The first one continued. The Minister, considering that this measure will give young people ““Knowledge that will change their lives” And “opportunities to learn”Real world skills, doing new things and contributing to your community and our country.

As a father, I look forward to my daughter undertaking national service – and I believe they will find it a rewarding experience” – said the politician.

According to him Mail on SundayThe plan was drawn up in secret and only Sunak’s closest advisers knew the details.

In the 40-page document, the advisers said expanding the armed forces was necessary in the face of “increasing international threats posed by countries such as Russia and China.”

“This is not a plan, it is a review that could cost billions and is only necessary because the Conservatives have reduced the armed forces to their smallest size since Napoleon.” A Labor Party spokesman told the BBC.

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“Our army was once the envy of the world. “The Conservative government has reduced troop numbers and plans further reductions in the size of the army.”The Liberal Democratic Defense spokesman said, Richard Ford.


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