“I will make your life impossible”, the alleged stalker of the series “My Stuffed Kingdom”, linked to the leader of the British Labor Party

“Stuffed Renti” seriesIt has become one of Netflix’s biggest surprises this year. The British fantasy tells the story of Donnie, a struggling comedian, and Martha, his stalker.. Richard Gadd, creator, screenwriter and star of the series, described the story as “100% emotionally real.”. Gad was inspired by real events and people to write the plot.

British politics, another potential victim

one of The character of Martha is supposed to be based on Fiona Harvey., which is now in the spotlight in the UK due to a new harassment allegation. On this occasion, Harvey was accused of harassment Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the Labor Party and favorite to be the next British Prime Minister. According to what was reported by the British newspaper “The Sun”. Harvey sent 276 emails electronics for Starmer between January and August 2020.

Harvey’s letters to Starmer were aggressive and insulting. Among the insults directed at the politician, Harvey called him “Stupid little boy”, “living off the public purse” and “useless lawyer”. “You become party leader and two minutes later I receive an email from the Ombudsman accusing me of racism,” she wrote in one email. “I’ve already reported you to the Parliamentary Commissioner, and guess what, he hasn’t done anything either. From now on I will report anything to you.” “I will make your life impossible”.

The letters also contained many spelling errors, similar to those written by the character Martha in the series. In one email, Harvey told Starmer: “Ignore the typos. I am a professional. “Senior Scottish professionals don’t write, we just run the country behind the scenes.”In addition, Harvey has criticized Starmer’s family, including insults towards his wife and derogatory comments towards his deceased relatives. He also made homophobic comments directed at former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown..

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It denies the facts

In a recent interview with British broadcaster Piers Morgan, Harvey denied harassing Richard Judd, although he admitted he had four phone numbers and six email addresses.. For his part, Gad asked fans of the series “My Stuffed Reindeer” not to speculate about the issues on which the series is based. After some people attacked people wrongly associated with the series’ characters on social media.

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