I visited Computex, Asia’s largest technology fair that increasingly focuses on gaming

On my first visit to the Computex exhibition held in Taipei, it was clear to me that there is only room for two or three big technology events in the whole world, especially when more and more brands are betting on their small international events.

In the technology calendar we have some very important dates like CES in Las Vegas, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Gamescom in Cologne, Computex in Taipei, IFA in Berlin or Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo. I was finally able to visit one of those events held in Asia, the Taipei Computex Expo, and this is what I saw.

Computex is not just a technology event. If CES is focused on technology in general, MWC on mobile, and IFA increasingly on TV and home appliances, Computex is an event that focuses very much on gaming without being an event that focuses on it.

This is my first visit to Taiwan and the big event, and although I’ve been covering it from afar and hearing about it for many years, my first impressions were a bit disappointing. Maybe my expectations were too high, and maybe the post-coronavirus trend for brands to focus on holding their own events that are more focused on them and without sharing the spotlight with anyone else, is the roadmap for the future.

Being an event in Taiwan, we obviously found big local companies like Asus, Acer, Gigabyte, MSI, Mediatek, BenQ, ASRock… many of them focused on computers, accessories, components or games World.

As with Mobile World Congress, this event focuses on professionals, people who travel many kilometers in search of contacts and contracts with suppliers, but if they become famous it is thanks to consumer product brands, like the previous ones I mentioned.

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Computex: The good, the bad, and what needs to change

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14, which although it was actually presented a few weeks ago, was for me one of the best ASUS products.
ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14, which although it was actually presented a few weeks ago, was for me one of the best ASUS products.

Computer today

Computex is held in a multi-storey, two-building convention palace in downtown New Taipei. What’s even more surprising is how little attention it attracts. It’s just like any other event of this kind: miles of carpet and branded display booths made over the past few weeks from wood, so it’s easy to disassemble in a few hours.

The best thing about Computex is seeing big local brands compete for the attention of thousands of attendeesEspecially young people, the press and customers, because if there is one category that has proven to be the driving force of this event, it is gaming.

The Asus, Acer, Gigabyte or MSI platforms, all together in the center of the main floor, are the largest and most visited. Asus had two devices, one for the ROG gaming range and one for business and professional products. Without a doubt, the Asus ROG Stand was the most eye-catching due to the number of products and of course everyone wanted to try the new ASUS ROG Ally X.

MSI has also attracted a lot of attention by showing its full potential in laptops, desktops and components. Also Acer, although it has its own gaming range and has been surprisingly present, has focused a lot on Chromebooks and more mainstream products, such as its Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite laptop with Copilot+ and traditional PCs.

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The bad thing is that there were no brands that were not present despite having a foot in the gaming world and being Asian. For example, Samsung was missing out. NVIDIA was not present, although it was present at most companies’ booths on any topic related to graphics cards or artificial intelligence.

And yes, in fact, AI was the main theme of almost all Computex hardware that wasn’t gaming.

Major brands demonstrated their AI systems for enterprises, as well as large companies, as well as demonstrations of early Microsoft partners with Copilot+.

Gigabyte Aorus booth at Computex 2024

Computer today

At the big Western technology shows, we’ve done away with the topless models as an attraction. They are not flight attendants who can give you information and do their job for the brand they represent, but rather attractive women who wear skimpy clothes just to attract attention. Unfortunately, at Computex, this keeps happening.

Many brands use these models as a claim to attract the attention of a predominantly male audience. Little clothing and even marks on his skin with temporary tattoos. I even saw a couple of people walking into one of the pavilions holding a large sign announcing a photo shoot with an underwear model.

These are the types of behaviors that are very shocking and need to change immediately. This is not an excuse even under the umbrella that the Western mentality is different. By far the worst thing about Computex.

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