I tried the new iPhone SE for a week, this is what I order from the iPhone SE 2023

The iPhone SE 2022 We have already analyzed it. And after a few days of using it as our daily iPhone, we were able to enter a period of reversal. Looking ahead and What we expect from the iPhone SE 2023 in the futureThese are the improvements we’d like to see.

iPhone SE 2023: The obvious changes

The iPhone SE 2023, assuming that Apple decided to renew it next year, will bring the most obvious changes that can be expected. in the first place, He is the healer, where Apple is showing the same offer as the iPhone launched the previous year. If iPhone SE 2022 has an A15 Bionic chip from iPhone 13So, the default iPhone SE 2023 will have the same device that debuted iPhone 14.

However, things are not so simple now. Because a rumor confirms that the iPhone 14 will keep the A15 Bionic, while iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will release a new generation chip. Then, What chip will the iPhone SE 2023 contain? It’s hard to believe that Apple chose the Pro model and is likely to keep the current A15 Bionic.

The other obvious improvement of this iPhone will be in the camera. The 2022 model features the same 12MP lens as the 2020, combined only with the A15 Bionic’s ISP It is already assumed that there is an improvement in photography. If Apple keeps the same chip, we should expect a change in the lens itself to make a leap forward.

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MagSafe, touch screen and night mode

MagSafe is the system that Apple launched with the iPhone 12 to improve wireless charging and open it up to other accessories. We’ve been with her for a year and a half It has become a necessity for many users. Owns MagSafe Chargerscar inverters, external batteries and more, to the point that it has become an ecosystem of its own.

Despite this, iPhone SE 2022 lacks it. To the next generation iPhone SE, I ask you to add this convenient system as it is already standard on almost all iPhone models. Excluding them does not help both manufacturers and users to get the most out of them.

In these days of use, I also realized how much I miss Touch the iPhone SE screen and run it. This simple touch so common on iPhones with Face ID is a gesture that saves you from having to hold the device in your hand to operate it. Hey, it’s silly, but it adds to the comfort I want to see in the 2023 iPhone SE.

These changes are incremental improvements, but what we’d really love to see is a rejuvenated iPhone XR.

Finally, we already know that the type of user this iPhone is targeting doesn’t want the best shooting experience. Previously He has a special camera In almost all situations, except for one: night. I’m not asking the iPhone SE 2023 to have a night mode at the level of the next iPhone 14 Pro, but I’m asking for some kind of improvement similar to what the iPhone 11 had at the time. The main snag here is that a second lens is necessary in the main camera, which further complicates its incorporation as it will raise the cost.

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My heart asks me about the iPhone SE in the body of the iPhone XR

iPhone XR

So far we have seen the changes and improvements that can come to iPhone 2023. But the thing that is really hiding in my heart is that He was the successor to the iPhone XR. When I look back and think of my favorite iPhones, there is the iPhone 5 and iPhone 7 Plus in jet black and the iPhone XR.

It was launched iPhone XR It was the travel companion for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. your designAll screen thanks to Face IDThe 6.1-inch, single-lens rear camera and its six-tone rear camera are an era for me. It would be great to see it embodied in a more modern iPhone.

iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black and iPhone SE

My interest in the very high range of iPhone Pro models has long since cooled off. since Tried iPhone 12 Pro Max In the past year, I feel like everything has been added or improved on the cameras or the screen She is high school for me. And I plan to have this year’s iPhone SE as my day-to-day, although there is a file iPhone 13 Pro Max by hand.

A possible iPhone SE in the body of the iPhone XR It will become my regular stop of course. I’m crossing my fingers that this ends up someday not too far away.

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