“I hope the UK will never again deafen its ears,” Arias said.

“The Malvinas is not only a national issue, but a global one,” Cafiero noted, given that “worldwide there are still 17 colonial cases pending, of which 10 are related to the United Kingdom.” . added It is time for the UK to listen to the international community and resume negotiations to find a peaceful solution to the sovereignty dispute with the Argentine Republic, so that it does not fear peace.”

Recalling what had happened, Ushuaia’s Secretary for Malvinas Affairs, Daniel Arias, celebrated “the decision passed by the United Nations Decolonization Commission.” He pointed out that “It is inconceivable that in the twenty-first century there are still cases of colonialism in the world, as the Secretary of State indicated yesterday in the committee.”

“I hope the UK will not once again turn a deaf ear to not only Argentina’s claim, but the vast majority of countries that support our demands and sit down once and for all to start a dialogue with Argentina. For a peaceful and final solution,” Daniel Arias concluded.

On her part, the Under Secretary for International Relations, Antarctic and Malvinas Affairs, Cecilia Viucci, highlighted “the passage of the recent mandatory training law on the question of Malvinas for all national public servants. We believe it is necessary to provide the tools for workers and officials in state authorities to defend the Argentine sovereignty of our Malvinas Islands.”

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