“I Earn 5 Times What I Did Before”: The engineer left a job at a bank to join OnlyFans

At 27 years old, Diego Revino has a degree in commercial engineering and a stable job at a bank, but he’s tired of the monotonous working life he’s leading and has drastically changed his field to dedicate himself to selling exciting content.

The 28-year-old told how he ended up joining the podium Adult subscription Only fansWhere he succeeded in publishing photos and videos.

In his words, Rivino explains that the app works like other content platforms, even comparing it to Netflix. After paying a subscription of around 10,000 pesos, users can access “exclusive” items.

“I am earning four or five times what I earned before. I’m tired of Lucas and my goal is to save and create a new work, “the influencer commented in a conversation with colorAlthough he confirmed that the portal keeps 20% of its subscribers’ profits.

“I should have done that earlier”

Diego currently maintains between 550 and 650 monthly subscribers on the site and ensures that he manages to earn around 5 million pesos a month through content that appears “alone or with friends”.

After his success in this business, the engineer regrets not having entered OnlyFans before, “I started at a young age. I should have done it earlier, I left at the age of 27 and it took a year. As long as one looks good, you have time. I have five or six years left. “

Along these lines, the young man advised those who want to be a part of the platform, making sure the key is to maintain a strong network of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

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“I upload content to impress people and make them pay for OnlyFans. It’s a private account, I filter out who’s in and who doesn’t, so I find my interest in the account,” he said.

Why is OnlyFans in fashion?

More and more celebrities are joining Only fans Willing to show exclusive content to their diverse followers, And it’s very attractive for followers to see how differently their favorite stars post on this platform, with adult content being the most popular.

Another feature of this network of over 60,000 subscribers created in the UK is that unlike Instagram and Facebook, it is just a web page and is not censored.

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