I can assure you that I will not attend anyway

First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee and President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdezspeaking on Wednesday in the context of Council of Ministersratified Cuba’s positions and principles with regard to Ninth Summit of the Americas, It will take place from June 6-10 in Los Angeles, North America.

We all know – he emphasized – that the United States government conceived, from the start, this Summit of the Americas in a non-exhaustive way. “From the original design of the US government, from its initial intent, it was suggested that the summit not be inclusive. He intended to exclude many countries, including Cuba, despite the strong regional claim that exceptions in this type of event would be put to an end,” he explained.

In this regard, he stressed that “the United States is conducting intensive negotiations and exerting harsh pressure to dismiss the just and firm demands of the majority of the countries in the region that the summit should be comprehensive.”

He stressed that “this is the situation in which all this call for the summit, all the demands from the countries of the region, and the way the United States behaves.”

In the context of a meeting of the highest body of the Cuban government, the President of the Republic thanked the “courageous and dignified position of the countries that raised their voice against exceptions at the Summit of the Americas.”

We want to emphasize that we share the position of the leaders of the region who have firmly claimed that everyone should be invited on an equal footing, he said.

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“Under the circumstances in which all these Summit-related processes have taken place and because of the position of the United States Government, I can assure you that I will in no way attend the Summit of the Americas,” declared the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

As always, and as in the past, he concluded, we are aware, and we are convinced, that the voice of Cuba will be heard at the Ninth Summit of the Americas.

In the video, the Cuban president announces that he will not attend the summit and reports on the energy situation

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