“I believe in the role of the university as a driving force for creating and disseminating knowledge.”

University professor in the field of animal production. She studied veterinary medicine at the University of Zaragoza. He worked and trained in the USA (Virginia Polytechnic Institute), the UK (Universities of Bristol and Liverpool), and in France (Institute of Agricultural Research at Thiex). He contributed to the transformation of the Polytechnic School of Huesca into a higher center and to the implementation of the title of agricultural engineer in Huesca. She has been deputy director of the University Institute of Environmental Sciences of Aragon and investigates specific aspects of large-scale livestock farming. In cows, sheep and bees, which enhances farm profitability.

What importance do you attach to the primary sector in the province of Huesca?

– It turns out that we are accustomed to eating food every day and several times, and I am a strong advocate of local production, electrical shortcomings and product quality. We cannot move the primary sector, it is our vital base. What would have happened during the pandemic if the EU had allowed the relocation of primary production as happened in other sectors? Thanks to the protectionist policies that the European Union has followed since its inception, we have had access to food. Does this matter? everyone.

You have prepared several investigations on the role of women in rural areas and their recognition as farmers and ranchers, so how much remains to be said about gender equality in this area?

— Gender equality in agricultural and livestock activities has seen significant changes, but challenges remain. Many women play a vital role in farm management, decision-making and contributing to the rural economy, and although official recognition of women as farmers and ranchers has improved, there is still a need to address broader issues of gender inequality. Many deep-rooted gender stereotypes must be eliminated. We should not forget that gender equality in rural areas is not only a matter of social justice, but also about economic efficiency and sustainability.

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Many voices warn of the danger of the disappearance of large-scale livestock farming. What do you think is the key to reversing this situation?

– It is necessary to realize that no one will devote himself to this activity simply because of the love of art; It is necessary to obtain economic benefits that allow a sustainable quality of life. Therefore, addressing the disappearance of large-scale livestock farming means adopting a comprehensive approach that addresses economic and environmental aspects. This approach must include diverse stakeholders, from farmers to policy makers and consumers.

If you had to choose a place to get lost in the nature of the province, which one would you choose and why?

-I will choose to stay with my roots in the mountains of Loire and Agnes. My uncles planted many of the existing pine trees, and my father spent many years restoring the castle. This area represents my origin and history. Although, during the summer, I also enjoy bathing in one of the many swimming pools on our rivers, which is a real luxury.

Within your extensive career as a researcher, what areas do you think efforts should be encouraged?

— I firmly believe in the role of the university as a driving force for creating and disseminating knowledge at the regional level. Aragon, on its way to progress and growth, cannot do without knowledge, and here the university institution plays an essential role. I think it would be useful to promote areas of research related to the region.

With your roots in the Loire, what routes or excursions would you recommend taking?

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– I very much enjoyed accompanying my father on trips to the mountains in search of rubellons, especially to my favorite place, the bullpen. Breathing the humid air among the pine trees and smelling the scent of mushrooms is both invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Climbing Mount Buccillibro is quite a challenge, and taking in the views of Mount La Hoya from the top is a good mindfulness exercise.

What reasons make you proud to be from Alto Aragonese?

-I can’t imagine or want to be from anywhere else. My relationship with my land is absolute. I proudly carry my Alto Aragon identity, a legacy of genes imbued with resilience, nobility and a deep love for the land.

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