Hurricane Beryl’s aftermath could bring rain to Guatemala

The agency explained, in continuous monitoring of the meteorological phenomenon in the northeastern Caribbean, through an information capsule, that if the path continues, there will be an increase in rainfall starting next Thursday.

He explained that the area with a low probability of developing hurricanes during the next eight days is still under observation, which does not affect the country’s weather conditions.

He added, in general, the environmental instability continues and humidity enters the coasts, and thus clouds and rain remain.

Insufimih recorded the highest rainfall accumulated in the last 24 hours in the stations of the province of Retalhuleu with 67.5 mm, Alta Verapaz 38.1, Chiquimula 27.5 and Quetzaltenango 26.4.

He recommended taking necessary precautions in the event of flash floods in rivers, floods, mass movements, volcanic collapses in the volcanic chain or damage to the road network.

For its part, the National Disaster Reduction Coordination, which declared an orange alert (higher than green and yellow and before red), described it as necessary to pay attention to possible changes in Beryl’s path.

The hurricane category is expected to continue as it approaches Belize, potentially bringing clouds and moderate to heavy rains to eastern Guatemala, especially in the Caribbean and Petén regions, starting on Thursday, the 4th.

He explained that the effects are expected to increase in the days from July 5 to 7 due to the system, especially in the transverse band in the north, west and south of Petén and Valles de Oriente.

Conred also predicted increased waves in the Atlantic Ocean as a result of the approach of Hurricane Beryl.

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Its latest official data indicates that four million, 96 thousand, and 504 people were affected during this rainy season, which began specifically in early June.

They counted 34,000 people at risk, 6,528 affected, 15,926 evacuated, five injured, 24 hospitalized and 13 dead.

Omani Rial/Zinc

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