Humanitarian Coordinator renews refugee protection in Lebanon

The representative of the multilateral organization cautioned against public debates in recent weeks regarding the return of Syrian refugees to their country, and insisted on the need to express solidarity and protection.

As posted on the website of the United Nations Office in Beirut, Rushdie reiterated the commitment to support the most vulnerable populations based on their needs regardless of nationality, disability, religion, gender, gender or location.

Over the past year, the United Nations through its Lebanon Crisis Response Plan has increased its support for the Lebanese people, families, communities and public institutions to mitigate the impact of the worst economic and financial crisis of its modern era.

Rushdie stressed that from 2021 to May 2022, UN efforts contributed to channeling humanitarian aid to more than 1.6 million Lebanese, including cash assistance, food, health, education, protection, housing and water services.

In addition, the provision of support included nearly 200 Lebanese municipalities in enhancing the provision of basic services and reducing pressure on resources in at-risk communities.

In this sense, the humanitarian community wishes to reaffirm and make clear that protecting the most vulnerable women, men, boys and girls is a priority for the United Nations and its partners.

Meanwhile, Rushdie reminded the Lebanese government of its commitment to the principle of non-refoulement under international law and its responsibility to ensure the safe, voluntary and dignified return of refugees.

He called on all parties to show a spirit of solidarity and mutual respect amid the complex living conditions in Lebanon and to refrain from provoking negative feelings in the media and social networking sites.

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According to the figures of the United Nations bodies, about two million refugees from Syria, Palestine and other countries are trying to survive the economic collapse in Lebanon.

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