Humanitarian aid from Open Arms will take two days to reach Gaza

After already obtaining the licenses, the NGO will send 200 tons of food. The United Nations welcomes all aid, although it stresses that “nothing can replace the arrival of aid and large-scale commercial traffic by land.” Israel has reduced the flow of aid since the International Court of Justice requested its guarantee.

Then go Open your arms The ship has already been prepared in Cyprus with 200 tons of food Which can be sailed once the “logistical” issues are solved and the weather permits.

As the Open Arms founder told EITB Media oscar camps, The ship will need two days to reach the Gaza coastAnd begin distributing aid, thus opening the new sea corridor for humanitarian aid announced by the United States and the European Union.

According to sources from the NGO, this is an initiative led by this entity and Global Central Kitchen, an NGO founded by the famous Spanish chef José Andrés, who have been preparing the aid for months and have obtained a license from the governments of Cyprus, Israel and Turkey. Palestinian National Authority.

For the United Nations, there is no alternative to large-scale aid

the United nations, Although it welcomes any aid that may reach Gaza, it has distanced itself from the maritime aid corridor to Gaza that the United States and the European Union will open at the end of this week and explained that it Nothing can replace ground shipping for large-scale supplies.

Stephane Dujarric, spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, said: “We are obviously pleased that aid is arriving through other means, but nothing can replace the arrival of aid and the large-scale trade movement via land routes.”

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Dujarric also clarified that the organization is not involved in building a temporary port off the coast of Gaza that the United States announced, specifically to direct aid arriving through that sea corridor from Cyprus, and that the organization is not part of the “operational” level part of the initiative.

The spokesman was unable to confirm whether the ships using this humanitarian corridor would carry aid from UN agencies.

Israel reduces aid flows

At the same time, the United Nations rapporteur on the right to food, Michael Fakhri, confirmed that Israel has reduced the entry of aid into the Gaza Strip since the International Court of Justice informed it that it is bound by international law. To ensure humanitarian access and prevent any act of a genocidal nature.

“What Israel decided after this ruling – on January 26 – was to prevent humanitarian aid. If we compare, The aid that entered Gaza in February was half compared to JanuaryHe said in a press conference as part of his intervention before the Human Rights Council: “When there was not even talk of famine.”

In the face of flagrant non-compliance with the rulings of the International Court of Justice, he considered that the international community could choose to: Arms embargo or economic sanctions on IsraelThese are the alternatives that a group of United Nations human rights experts proposed a few days ago, “but no one seems to have heard of them.”

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