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On December 1, at the Lima Campus, the First Epidemiology Research Conference “Jorge Alarcón Villaverde” was held, in recognition of the outstanding work in teaching and epidemiological research of Dr. Jorge Alarcón.

By Communications Department December 12, 2023.

In this activity, which concluded the process of generating research in the field of public health, fifth-year students of the Faculty of Human Medicine of the University of Piura participated.

Throughout the semester, students of this faculty, embedded in 10 research teams and advised by their professors, carried out epidemiological analysis of open databases on care of high-impact health problems in the country.

As part of the research day, the teams presented an infographic and gave a presentation of the main findings, which were evaluated by a jury composed of doctors José del Carmen, Director of the Postgraduate Unit; and Franco Romani, Head of the Research Unit, both from the Faculty of Human Medicine at UDEP.

The winning paper was “Frequency of sensory disturbance in emergency services in Peru between 2018-2022”, authored by Ignacio Castillo, Diego Guevara, Sergio Padilla, Juan Diego Pichihua, Daniel Ramirez and Fabrizio Valdivia; Who were advised by Dr. Armando Piso, professor of epidemiology at the college.

Sensory disorders have different causes, so their diagnosis represents a continuing challenge in emergency care. There is no known research in the country describing the frequency of this disruption in services, so this was the goal of the research.

According to the study, the most affected population is men; In terms of age groups, the population is 60 years and older. Poisoning was the most common etiological group. The Saint Martin region had the highest number of total cases per county population.

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Dr. Jorge Alarcón, Principal Professor at National University of San MarcosEmotional words addressed to students and teachers. He urged them to continue developing the kind of academic activities that contribute, with evidence, to the understanding of the country’s major public health problems.

About Dr. Alarcón

  • He contributed to the inclusion of epidemiology as a subject in plans to study medicine at the national level.
  • He was part of the teaching team for the first epidemiology course taught in Peru (1978) at the Faculty of Medicine (in the Faculty of Medicine). National University of San Marcos).
  • He has contributed to the postgraduate training of specialists in epidemiology. He conducted important research in the field of public health in the country.

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