Hugo Perez and his wish for 2022: “I want to play against Japan, South Korea or China”

The El Salvador national team technician confirmed to the “El Salvador Fan Club” program that he asked Fesfut to have a spare with an Asian team before the match against the United States on the Octagonal.

national team coach, Hugo PerezYesterday, he confirmed on the “El Salvador Fan Club” program, Radio 102.1 FM, that he would like to have a vacancy with the Asian team, and that he had already requested this from Fesfut, in addition to talking about other issues from the Cosco team.

“I asked to play against a team from Asia, if possible. Whether it’s Japan, Korea or China, because they are teams that have certain characteristics of what the United States will offer us.It’s dynamic movement, speed, and a lot of going back and forth. A match against one of those teams will be very important, he said, but it all depends on whether those associations are ready.

La Selecta concludes the year with a drop in the FIFA rankings

The national team coach said the void, if given, would be “very important” for the January 27 game against the US team, in Ohio, by the CONCACAF octagon. “It will be very important because I know that Honduras will play friendly, Canada also and United State Likewise, we need something (empty) before we face the United States,” Perez said.

The coach said he was not yet clear about the transfer of players by top-flight clubs to the camp he wants to do at the beginning of January, but he would like the clubs to agree as quickly as possible with Visfoot because “when we have had more time together, the chances of playing a role are better.” advancing.”

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He said he understood that it all depends on the clubs, especially today that preparations for the season have already begun before the Clausura Championship 2022, which begins in mid-January.

Against the United States, Selecta played a great game and earned respect. EDH Image / Archive

Hugo Perez confirmed that the camp will be from January 3 to February 3 He will start in San Salvador with the national players And then it will continue in the United States with those in the USL that are already integrated, the only doubt will be from MLS because, in any case, some teams are already in pre-season preparing for their participation in Concacaf, for example Seattle Sounders FC and Alex team Roldan.

He also said that he did not speak to the doorman Thomas Romero Because he is in a position to decide his future, although he stated that he told him he would be very important to the team. He stressed that if Romero is not included, “we have three very important goalkeepers, Mario (Martínez), (Kevin) Carabantes and Edgar (Algera).”

One of the topics he didn’t evade, despite the criticism, was the Brian GillHe confirmed that talks with the player’s representatives have been going on for seven months and that even he has already thought about it since he was coach of Sub 23, “what happens is that he has been called up by Columbia.”

“A few weeks ago I spoke with Brian’s father to convince him and it is very likely that we will have him in the national team,” he said.

Brian Gill (left), who is very interested in Selecta coach Hugo Perez, ended the year with an Alianza Petrolera double. Photo: Courtesy of Alianza Petrolera

He agreed that one of his mistakes at the helm of Selecta was, mainly, tactically, as for example in the match against Panama “we didn’t press higher and let them go out to play with us, rather than play with us, rally against us”.

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Regarding USL Forward Joaquin Rivas, Walmer Martinez and Christian Sorto, who has not scored in eight games in the eight form, confirmed that he will continue to call them because “no other player who can play the role of 9 can give us more”.

He reiterated that the doors of Selecta are open to all and that “in El Salvador there are players who, if they prepare, as I want them physically, these players can compete” for a position in the team.

Marvin Monterosa of El Salvador and Jose Garcia of Honduras in the Day 2 match of the CONCACAF Octagon Final towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Photo: Cortesi la Selecta | FESFUT

On the subject, Marvin Monterosa said that it was a racist altercation between him and a Canadian player, and that it was nothing personal. “There is no secret. In the case of Canada, he had a confrontation with a player and that is very clear and you can see it in the video. The two said that the things that we are experiencing right now in the world, are very dangerous things…”, pointed out.

“Marvin was on tour with the Canadian right-back, and he said things that weren’t true to Marvin, he started, and Marvin, also in a fever time, said things that weren’t true, so, as a coach, for me, the most important thing is that Marvin never had a problem, because It wasn’t him who started, it was the other player…”, said

“My relationship with Monterosa has always been transparent and correct, I told him it was wrong to act in this way”, claimed.

“The thing I didn’t expect Hugoneta, is basically what the players did. I appreciate the Hugoneta thing, but actually, I don’t think I deserve it, for me the most important thing is to be able to improve my players. And get away from the bad hole we had in the 40’s. last year.”

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Selection of Selecta against Chile. Photo EDH / Courtesy of La Selecta

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