HSBC AM consolidates its alternative asset subsidiaries under one brand

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Another great fund manager that unites his alternative investment firms under one brand. HSBC Asset Management She announced that she is gathering all her current potentials for Alternative assets in a single business unit, HSBC Alternatives, With a team of 150 people and assets under management and advising in total 53 billion dollars.

Alternative assets of the manager Doubled in the past four years Creating a single business unit is the next step in its strategy to reposition itself as believer for solutions Nucleus Asset manager specializing in Asia, emerging and alternative markets.

Not surprisingly, a few weeks ago, HSBC AM signed a team to launch funds adventurer climate technology.

Under the HSBC Alternatives Investments umbrella, teams hedge funds and private markets, as well as private debt, venture capital and direct real estate, with capabilities in the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the United States.

Joanna Munro, who is currently the chief global investment officer, will lead the new combined unit, reporting directly to Nicholas Moreau as a member of its steering committee. Monroe, who will continue in London, was promoted to the position of Chief Global Investment Officer in 2019 after joining HSBC AM in 2005.

In the footsteps of Schroders

“Under his leadership, the newly joint team will work closely with other parts of HSBC Asset Management to achieve the company’s strategic goals of putting the customer at the center and excellence in sustainable investing and investing,” the company says.

It will be Xavier Baratone, current Global Director of Investments for Fixed Income, Private Debt and Alternatives, who will replace Monroe as Director of Global Investments. He will remain in his position in Paris and will also join the Steering Committee. Baratone’s successor, however, “will be announced in due course,” the director confirms.

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In this way, HSBC AM follows in the footsteps of Schroders, who did the same last week with the brand Schroders Capital, although in his case he left BlueOrchard aside, a managing director specializing in impact investing she joined in 2019 and who will continue to maintain her independence and her own brand.

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