How were the layers of the Earth formed?

In this article, we will talk about A Educational resources for all levelswhich combines knowledge of the natural sciences and geology. It is a simulation of the origin of the layers of the earth.

There is on the Internet Resources for teaching the natural sciences for all levels. The importance of these tools is that we can use them to help our students achieve meaningful learning.

After all, the natural sciences are The tool with which our students learn about the world they live in. Below, we detail some of the resources you can use, broken down by educational stage.

Early childhood education

For early childhood education, the star resource is CSIC Kids. It is a bank of tools, films, games and activities adapted to different educational levels.

with CSIC Kids Can Teaching our students many issues related to the natural sciences In an entertaining way, in addition, it presents a guide for teachers that allows us to properly deal with the programming of our classes, and to know how to achieve the educational goals using the resource.

primary education

Twink It is a website with hundreds and hundreds of Educational resources are arranged by stage and region. In case Natural Scienceprovides us with materials for primary education of all kinds.

In this sense, we can find from cards to posters and coloring sheets. In addition, we can filter them by topic, such as plant parts, vertebrates, materials, material properties, and so on.

Compulsory secondary education

the environment It is an entity that struggles to educate in The values ​​of preserving and caring for nature for the little ones. For this reason, it has allowed educators a Lots of activities and tools We can move it to the classroom.

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These are educational resources that overlap Theoretical content with interactive activities and games. In addition, they are organized according to different themes, including health sciences, environment, energy, land, water, and materials.


maybe biology Become the star of the web for teaching natural sciences in the baccalaureate. We already know that during the two courses covered by our students’ learning phase, they focus on passing the EBAU. However, it is important that Let’s also pay attention to developing content that provides them with valuable knowledge. In this sense, this Blog It is perfect, because it provides us with many educational resources, such as digital simulators, games, videos, presentations, and so on.

Know Geology and the origin of the earth An exciting challenge for any teacher. It is about our students learning where the very matter that surrounds us comes from. some tools Connected We can use the following:

  • Educaplay: History of the Earth. It is an interactive game in which students have to identify the different phases of Earth’s history and organize them in chronological order.
  • Canary Islands Government: Educational Resources. Although many activities aim to study this area, there are a wide range of tools that can help us, such as Gia and rock formation also geological ages.
  • Geology at work. A complete website with a wide variety of resources that can be categorized by different levels, fields, levels, and topics.

Videos are a good way to learn, especially when we can apply what we see. This is exactly what happens to the video Simulation of the origin of the Earth’s layers.

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In it, we explain why Earth’s geological layers They are organized into different levels or layers, taking into account the materials involved and the dynamics they create between them.

On the other hand, it is A very simple experiment that our students can do At home with materials such as a bottle, dirt, water and oil. We can also do directed learning by doing it ourselves in the classroom.

We have provided you with different resources to teach Earth’s geological layers And learn the natural sciences at all educational levels. As you have seen, information and communication technologies are a great ally in our educational work. Have you used any similar tool? Share your impressions with the Magisnet teaching community.

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