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The WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging application in the world, It has so many functions that we probably still do not know a hundred. For example, have you asked yourself How can you change and write in different fonts in the messages you send via WhatsApp? Here we tell you how you can do it and the simple way to get the most out of this app.

Application WhatsApp is one of the most used applications with more than two billion users around the world. Your updates are constant, but Little is said about the tricks we can implement in the app.

Tricks to change the character in WhatsApp

There are many known tricks, For example reading messages without them knowing that we have already read them, sending messages without typing and even changing backgrounds. thus, Today we present a new one… How to change the character of your messages.

First, to change The way you print and the appearance of your messages should take into account that you need to follow some simple steps depending on your goal.

  • Do you want bold writing? For this you will just have to add an asterisk
  • at the beginning and end of the text.
  • Do you want italic? Simply put an underscore (_) at the beginning and end of the message.
  • Do you want a strikethrough character? Here you just have to add the symbol (~) at the beginning and end of your message.

Do you want to change words? Now, if you want to change the letter of your message, you can put these three open accents (“”) at the beginning and end.

More fonts on WhatsApp If you want more fonts in WhatsApp, you have to turn to apps. you can use dyslexia line

(helps change to letter and makes reading easier for dyslexic people) There is also the app designer text

(Using this app, we can change the format of our WhatsApp; in addition, the other person can also check if the message has been modified).

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