How to wrap text in Excel easily

By following these steps, you can adjust texts in Excel cells in different ways

If you want to wrap text in Excel cells, this is what you should do

It’s no secret that Excel is… One of the most complete and popular programs when it comes to processingEdit and create spreadsheets. This tool has all the functionality that may be required to organize and analyze datasets as well, among many other capabilities depending on the needs of the users.

If You want to get the most out of ExcelSo, you should know how to use autofill in this tool and also how to find duplicate data. But that’s not all, because it’s also necessary to know how to adjust the text.

While that is true Organizing and analyzing data is very simple with formulas and functionsThe real challenge may be how to present that information. So, we will tell you how to make text fit in cells so that it looks more professional.

How to fit text in Excel to row height

Microsoft Excel integrates a tool to automatically adjust text

Microsoft Excel integrates a tool to automatically adjust text

One way to wrap text is Microsoft Excel views the height of the row itselfAs well as the width of the columns. This way, all the content you write will look great. To do this, you must do the following.

  • The first thing you should do is to select the respective column or row where the text is located.
  • So, you have to put yourself in the tab Get started on the ribbon and click where it says Adjust text.
  • This way, all the text will automatically fit in the cells and can be read comfortably.
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How to use line breaks to wrap text in Excel

On the other hand, you can also adjust cell text, Determine where you want to split the sentence. To do this, you must use a line break.

  • Within the cell where the text is located, you must double-click where you want to make a line break.
  • You must place the cursor in the part where the text will be split.
  • Now, you have to press the key combination Alt + Enter.

How to wrap text manually in Excel

You can also manually adjust the size of cells to suit the needs of the text.

You can also manually adjust the size of cells to suit the needs of the text.

If automatic adjustment is insufficient, ie What you can do is change the size of the rows And columns to solve this problem.

If you want to resize the row to fit all of the text, do so You should place the cursor in the bottom corner From the header row until you notice that the cursor turns into a line with up and down arrows that you can use to resize.

Very similar to this process, You have to move the cursor to the right corner of the header column Until it turns into two left and right arrows. Then you just drag to change the view.

How to align text in Excel

Another thing you can do is adjust the alignment of text in cells. So, You just have to check the respective box Then you click on the alignment option, whether left, right, right, or center.

How to merge cells in Excel to get more space

Interesting Excel function It consists of merging cells to get more space This way, provide larger titles or longer phrases as well.

  • You simply select the cells you wish to merge.
  • Now, on the tab Get startedYou must click on Addition and center.

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