How to unsuspend yourself from PlayStation Network

PlayStation Network is causing concern among gamers at the moment. For no apparent reason, many PSN accounts have been permanently suspended, leaving players without access to their digital games. Here we explain how you can recover your account and open it again.

How to unban yourself from PSN | © Sony

In early December, something similar to the purge happened on PlayStation Network, and players reported their accounts being suspended for no apparent reason. received the message”This account has been permanently suspended from PlayStation Network due to violations of the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement“Being blocked from your account can be very scary, especially if you have purchased games digitally and are now blocked from playing them.

Some accounts have been affected by this series of offline suspensions for several months, so the issue is likely accidental. However, here we explain how you can regain access to your account.

How to unsuspend yourself from PlayStation Network

Have you tried turning it off and on again?“The oldest trick in the book seems to have worked for some users, but many others have had no luck. Before contacting customer support, who will likely ask you to create a new account, there’s something else you can try.

just wait.

This seems a bit counter-intuitive, because it’s understandable that you might want to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Right now, it appears that the purge was something wrong with Sony and they are working to restore accounts that were unfairly suspended.

So, if you are sure that you have not done anything wrong, your account should be unlocked and you will soon regain access to your game library. Sony has not commented on the wave of suspensions, but is currently quietly unbanning several accounts.

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If patience isn’t your strong suit and you still want to reach out, you can Contact PSN Customer Service here.

Original article written by Tanya Heimerl.

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