How to try Gemini Pro on Google Bard for Android

We will tell you a little trick to access the Gemini Pro experience inside Bard which is made in the United States.

We will explain to you step by step How to test Gemini Pro AI on AndroidAnd activate it directly in Google Bard. Google Gemini is Google’s new AI model, and its Gemini Pro version is a competitor to GPT 3.5 which Google claims is superior to the ChatGPT model.

Gemini is a model that has begun to be implemented, but not in Spain and Europe. However, there is a way through which you can do this, in which you just need to use a VPN that pretends to be a user from the US, such as NordVPN or any other network that does the same.

Try Gemini Pro on Android

The first thing you have to do now is log in to your Google account, and in the section personal information you have to Enter the option language to General web preferences. Here, you will have to choose American English as your primary language. You can go directly to this setting using the link

Once you do this, you must use your VPN to do so Connect to a server in the United States. Therefore, you will now be navigating the country where the Gemini Pro is being tested within Bard.

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Now, once you are in the US server, all you have to do is do this Enter the cool pagewhose title Here, the page should appear in English with a notification telling you that you’re already using Gemini Pro, but you can also ask in English if you’re using it.

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