How to share photos and messages without having to say “forwarded”?

This way you can remove a legend”refer“Affiliate” MessagesOr the photos or videos you share with them The WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is much more than just a messaging app. The social network has become a way to connect with people, start businesses and publish information, videos and photos in a simple way. The app belongs to Facebook and already has more than 2 billion users around the world, who share text, photos, stickers and much more. Each time the application contains more settings and modifications.

One of these options is the ability to forward and broadcast messages you’ve received from other contacts. The only bad thing is that it seems impossible to remove the “redirected” legend in PicturesOr videos or texts that we share directly. However, we give you the solution, as there is a simple trick to delete this message so that you can forward something without anyone knowing.

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The ability to forward messages directly came in 2018. The app added this “2 Forward” address as a solution to the scams, fake news or junk files that arrived. Although, it may also be necessary to disable it from time to time to prevent everyone from knowing that you have shared and forwarded information. So you can do it from your iOS cell phone or Android.

Instructions for sending photos and videos without the “forwarded” message

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the conversation where there is the text, photo, video or document you want to share.
  2. Select the message to change its color. Click on the three vertical dots at the top of the date (in the case of Android) and choose the “compartor2.
  3. Select a contact or group where you want to forward the message. The text or content will be shared without the “forwarded” legend appearing.
  4. Remember not to click the arrow pointing to the right when selecting a message, but in this case the “Forwarded” legend will appear.
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