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Just a few days after an amazing experience Total solar eclipse In the national territory, another astronomical event that has generated great interest is the passage of the moon Satan's cometwhich can It can be easily seen from Mexico.

Unlike many of these phenomena that can only be appreciated with expensive astronomical equipment such as telescopes with different lenses, Comet Diablo 2024 in Mexico It has the peculiarity that it will be because of its great luminosity Visible without a lot of artifacts.

What is Comet Diablo of 2024?

It is called scientifically Comet 12P/Pons-Brooksand it is popularly called Comet Diablo is a cold volcanoWhich means it's a cryovolcano Its diameter is 30 kilometers Which travels about 5 billion kilometers to orbit around the sun.

Specialists confirm this It would not be seen on Earth again for 71 yearsSo this may be your last chance to watch this.

If you are wondering Why do they call it Satan's comet?This is because it erupts from time to time, shooting bursts of ice and gas into space, making it brighter. On one occasion, the comet released so much dust and gas that its coma was distorted into a horseshoe shape. They resemble a pair of hornsHence his nickname.

How to see Comet Diablo in Mexico without a telescope?

he Comet Diablo can be seen with binoculars in a clear, dark sky. Just after dark, in the lower part of the sky, it is most visible. At that moment, it is at the height of the trees, so it is recommended to be in a place with the least number of buildings or trees around to discover it.

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he Satan's comet It will reach the closest point to the sun, therefore Her greatest brilliance, next April 21. However, the crescent moon will become brighter this week, making the comet more difficult to see.

From April 19 to 20, the comet will move from the constellation Aries to the constellation Taurus. On April 21, it will be in the constellation Tauruswhich you can find using a star viewing app, such as SkyView, Google Sky Map, Night Sky, and Star Walk.

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