How to recover deleted audio files on WhatsApp

Deleted WhatsApp audios don’t have to be completely lost. (Photo: file)

Thousands of messages are sent daily in The WhatsApp And many of these voices take advantage of the option that the app provides to record voice notes.

Although many of the audio recordings we send and receive disappear from our minds once we listen to them, you will likely need them in the future Return to one of these files That you have already given up on getting lost.

It may be your case Accidentally deleted audio Even without hearing it, for this kind of occasion you don’t have to worry because of his presence Quick and easy solution To restore those sounds that are no longer accessible.

Contrary to what many might think, you don’t have to know much about engineering to find the solution or installExternal applications that can put information at risk and safety of the system.

If this situation happened to you or someone you know who doesn’t know what to do to get those deleted sounds back from the app, just follow these steps:

1. arrive to List from your cell phone

2. Find the folder “my files” (or equivalent on your device)

3. Once in this, type “The WhatsApp” in search engine

4. Among all the options, choose from WhatsApp voice NS WhatsApp Voice Notes

5. Once you find the specific sound, Copy it to the main folder by WhatsApp

When you complete the steps, you will find that if you check the chat the respective voice should appear, again It will be available to play So you can listen to it without any problem.

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In the event that your device’s file explorer does not have a search engine, the steps are almost the same, only that you will have to make sure that you access the folder marked as “The WhatsApp” And once in this, enter the specified subfolder as “The media”The rest of the steps are the same.

If you do not want to wait to return to the application to listen to the audio or simply want to take advantage of the fact that you are already in the folder to review others, you also have the option Play audio directly. However, you will not be able to access other applications while the audio is playing.

Finally, if you need more work with the audio or prefer to save it in a more secure location, it is recommended to access the folder from a computer using USB direct connection. This alternative is very useful if you are working with large amounts of files at the same time.

It is worth noting that these options are only available for Android users. People who have WhatsApp installed on iOS devices will not be able to access these folders due to the encryption standard found in Apple mobile phones.

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