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This is really scary! Halloween could mean that WhatsApp has permanently suspended your accountas the famous messaging application will create “Clean” from October 31of all users who incur any of the four penalties we will share with you in this note, so that you can be aware.

The most famous and used instant messaging tool in the world, which until the latest study was conducted by the specialized portal Statista It had more than 2 billion users and a daily flow of more than 100 billion messages, WhatsApp can cancel your subscription If you, among other things, publish false information or promote sensitive crimes.

How do I prevent WhatsApp from suspending my account?

Like everything in this life There are rules in WhatsApp that you must follow Because otherwise, you risk being left without an account in the app, knowing that this means losing all your personal, family and work conversations, as well as shared documents.

As we told you, Starting October 31st (On Halloween night), WhatsApp will cancel users’ subscription Which lead to any of the following four crimes, so it is important to be aware of them.

  1. Use unofficial WhatsApp applications, such as WhatsApp Plus.
  2. Sending messages that incite hatred or threaten the safety of others.
  3. Sending messages related to sexual issues involving minors.
  4. Promoting fake ads used by scammers.

Unlike other occasions when WhatsApp stops providing the service If your smartphone is stuck under the update list, then the priority this time is to prioritize people’s privacy, security and safety, as well unsubscribe For applications that want to perform the same function, but obviously not from the official website of WhatsApp.

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