How to invite an old friend in Free Fire 2023? Follow these steps

Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile video games. Therefore, we will teach you how to invite an old friend to the battlefield.

Find out how to invite an old friend to play some Free Fire games.

If you want to achieve victory in the Garena video game, we recommend Play in pairs To improve the experience and have good communication with the team. On this note, we will tell you in detail How to invite an old friend in free fire. It is very simple!

the free fire games It can last several minutes, as well as being very fast, depending on your skills when facing enemies and how you move around the map. Whether you are an expert or new to Garena video gameWith this guide you will learn How to invite an old friend with id.

Learn the trick to add an old friend from this popular video game. Photo: Free Fire

Steps to invite an old friend to Free Fire

Before starting you need to know that to do this you will need a tool and you must also copy its ID and yours. This is valid for US and South American servers. You can perform the same process with different people many times.

In addition, it must be a friend who has not entered Free Fire for a long time (about 15 days). When entering the video game, the “old friend” must enter the ID of the person who sent the invitation; This is you. This way, both of you will get rewards.

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How do you add an old friend? | Photo: Libero

Enter here and scroll until you reach the section that says Ask for Help.enter your ID, select your region, click where it says ask for help and when it turns green you can go back to Free Fire and that’s it.

Add an old friend from Free Fire

Another way to do this is to click on the Friends icon in the upper right corner, next to the Mail and Settings option. Click on it and the list of contacts will be displayed and select the option that says “invite your friends back” and there you can make the invitations and the rewards you can get.

When was Free Fire updated?

According to the information from the Indian server, The Free Fire OB39 update is scheduled for March 22nd. With this patch, the Battle Royale character system can be revised.

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