How to install a Covid certificate in Google Pay and Apple Pay to always be available

With the entry into force of the Covid certificate last July 1And with August approaching the start of the perfect holiday month, the best thing you can do is Request the aforementioned certificate in order to provide it. on paper and also for Download it to your mobile phone: We tell you two ways to use QR in Android and iPhone native app.

The pandemic has disrupted our entire community, from work to leisure. After imprisonment, de-escalation and implementation of vaccination strategyAnd Europe encourages safe travel Thanks to the measure that came into effect on July 1st: the Covid certification. It can be carried on paper or on your mobile phone. Thanks to this versatility, it is also possible to install it in Google Pay and Apple Wallet.

Install the QR code of the Covid certificate in the digital wallet of the phone

Both Android and iOS have an app that acts as a digital wallet. In the case of the first operating system, Google Pay is responsible for storing cards and passes; For iPhone and iPad Apple uses the Passbook formatAn easy way to add credentials to your wallet, Apple Wallet.

Neither system supports Covid certification (Google announced its upcoming availabilitybut it is not working at the moment). However, there are ways to install it in Apple Pay and Google, but one aspect should be considered: since the document contains highly personalized data (medical and personal), Use of third-party apps and services has privacy risks. You should use it only if it compensates you for obtaining a Covid certificate in Apple Pay and/or Google Pay.

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A Covid certificate stores personal and medical data, and information that can be accessed through the apps and services used to transfer the certificate to Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Once in Privacy risks related to transferring a Covid certificate to iPhone and Android wallets (While Apple and Google do not add a native method), let’s see how to transfer the document to mobile phones.

How to install a Covid certificate in Apple Pay

Covid Generator Account Ledger Certificate

There is a very simple way to install a document in Apple Pay using Passbook: Covid Corridor (Thanks Eagle). In just a few steps You will have saved the QR in your Apple Wallet for your iPhone to show it when needed. It even transfers to your Apple Watch if you’re using that device.

We must repeat Privacy risks of using services like Get your pass (The site we recommend is secure and private enough, but there are always certain risks.) In the event that you assume them, you just need to do the following:

  • You must ask for the certificate and Save the PDF file to your computer or mobile phone.
  • open the page Covid Corridor From the device on which you downloaded the PDF of the certificate.
  • Click “Select the file‘, choose the certificate you saved and choose the color of your Passbook.
  • Scroll down to the “I accept the Privacy Policy” box and select it.
  • Click “Add to Wallet” and the site will create a Passbook file.
  • Click “Add” in the upper right corner.
  • It will open Apple Pay for you to add a Covid certificate to your cards.
Covid Generator Account Ledger Certificate

The process is very simple: with a few steps, you will get a QR, along with a file Vaccination data, PCR test and/or when you passed Covid (These are the three defaults for issuing the certificate), in Apple Wallet. Then you can show it from your iPhone and other devices linked to your Apple account, including your Watch.

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How to install a Covid certificate in Google Pay

Covid Google Pay Certificate

Google Pay with Covid certificate installed

As with Apple Pay, the Google Payments app and digital wallet do not allow direct storage of the Covid certificate (yet). However, it is straightforward. Save the QR to teach it directly from the phone. For this we will use a very practical application: Pass2Pay.

The app allows you to transfer passes, loyalty cards, and coupons to Google Pay, either from a PDF file or through an image. It also converts Apple Passbook passes; So we can make use of the previous method for creating the card in Android.

  • Install on your Android device Pass2Pay App NS Download the Covid certificate on your mobile phone.
  • Do all the steps in the previous method, that of downloading the iPhone card.
  • When you download a Passbook file (PKPASS) to your Android device, open it with Pass2Pay.
  • Fill in the missing box with “Covid Certificate”.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap onSave to phone“.
  • Google Pay will open. Click “Save” and it will be available as a card.
Covid Generator Account Ledger Certificate

As with the iPhone, Pass2Pay can get private information from your Covid certificate when converted to Google Pay format. The app works offline, but downloading the card to the Google app requires internet.

Alternatively, you can create a Google Pay card with a Covid certificate without going through any website. The process is the following:

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  • Download the Covid certificate PDF file on your Android phone.
  • fix Pass2Pay on your mobile phone.
  • Open Pass2Pay and select “Open PDF”.
  • Upload the file you need and accept the text identification: Pass2Pay will identify the QR code and use it as a Google Pay card.
Covid Google Pay Certificate

  • Fill in the required text fields to create the card (They are marked with an asterisk). For example, you can put “Covid Certificate” in all of them. Pass2Pay allows you to customize the card with vaccination data and even a photo: do this if you want to enrich the QR code (You can include information about the vaccine and when you were vaccinated, they will likely ask you for this information).
  • Scroll down to the bottom of Pass2Pay and select Save to Phone. The app will create the card and open Google Pay so you can save it to your account. do you agree.
Covid Google Pay Certificate

With Pass2Pay, you can create a file Loyalty card with QR code for Covid certificate. It is very useful that it is always available in Google Pay: since it is synchronized with the cloud, you will always be able to access it from your account. However, it is recommended to carry a Covid certificate on paper, especially if you will be traveling.

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