How to increase handwriting on iPhone

Many people have special vision, physical, motor, auditory or learning needs when operating a mobile phone. Therefore, the cell phone Offers in its composition special options of Accessibility It can be very useful when using a smartphone and its apps, giving all people the same opportunities to use technology.

In this CiberAcademy video, we’ve focused on explaining how to do that Font increase on iPhone So that you can read messages comfortably The WhatsApp Or see in a larger font all applications that are compatible with this configuration for Accessibility.

Electronic volunteer Carlos Moran, with inability Visual, showing how simple it is and how useful it is Font increase on iPhone For people like him, but also the elderly Those with vision problems, for example.

First, open the Settings app, short So you find Accessibility, and once you get there, you should see in existing Display and text size option. Once inside, we will see several and optionsincluding “Text Zoom”.

The option we are interested in now is “larger text”. Once clicked, we will first have to allow larger font sizes and then choose the one we want with the bottom bar. when we save this AdjustAll apps that support larger text (WhatsApp or the Weather app, for example) must have the text size set to the look we want.

The importance of access

The IphoneIt, like other cell phones, offers several other accessibility features that you may find useful.

You can turn on many of these features when you first set up your iPhone, but if you don’t initially, you can also turn them on at any time by going to Settings and clicking on Accessibility.

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Also, if you already have an iPhone and are going to start using a new one, you can to convey These access options from one device to another.

This article is the result of a collaboration between Fundación and the public with the aim of reducing the digital divide in Spanish society through concrete and practical examples.

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