How to hit someone on Facebook and what it means

Learn how to tap your friends on Facebook to see if they want to interact

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The oldest people on the block will remember those times we sent us to the Messenger app when we wanted to interact with another user noise. But over the years and moving to other messaging tools, I lost this habit. However, Facebook now intends to bring back what attracts the attention of our friends with Access Touches.

Facebook touches are much simpler Less intrusive than old chime sounds, but it's a new form of virtual communication that can be very nice. Below we explain what they consist of and how you can send them.

What is touch?

Facebook touches are a way to send a notification to one of our friends to simply express it We remember them. It's not a message, it doesn't have text, it's just a notification indicating that we touched them.

The idea, almost more than the buzz of the Messenger app, is reminiscent of those times before WhatsApp where we introduced Missed call To another person, that can have many different meanings. It is true that this habit was lost with the arrival of instant messaging, but it seems so Facebook is very willing to take it back.

How to give a touch

Button to click on Facebook

Button to click on Facebook

To greet a friend on Facebook, simply search for their name in your friends list. Next to their name, click Three-dot button. There you will see that a menu will open indicating all the actions that you can perform with this friend.

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Among the options that appear in that menu you will find that there is a call Give a touch. All you have to do is click on it and your friend will receive his touch. As you can see, it's a very simple way to get the attention of our contacts.

Why doesn't the click button appear?

The menu in which the click option does not appear

The menu in which the click option does not appear

It is possible that when you go to touch one of your friends, you will find that the corresponding option does not appear in his list. This is because Facebook has removed this optionbut he brought it back recently.

Therefore it is possible that Your account has not been updated yetso you won't have the option to send clicks to your friends until this is done.

Can I tap from my mobile phone?

Facebook is fully aware that nowadays we tend to access social networks through our mobile phones more often than our computers. Therefore, you have the potential Give and receive touches from your smartphone. But as we mentioned before, this option may not appear at the moment if You do not have the updated application.

Update the application to the latest version If this function has not appeared yet, you will have to be a little patient and wait for it to arrive.

What happens when they send me a message?

Touches are a very simple form of communication. The moment you receive a touch, you will simply receive a notification from Facebook on your mobile phone or computer indicating the identity of the person who gave you that touch. You will also see a button called Touch back. If you want to click again, you will simply have to press the said button.

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To send our text Messenger or comments on posts. Touches are just a little touch of attention.

What does it mean when someone touches me?

List of people who touched you

List of people who touched you

Usually, when someone clicks on you, what they're telling you is simply that He remembers you. But there are also people who use touch as a first contact to see if the other is available to interact a little more.

However, in the end, touches have the meaning that you and your contacts want to give them. You can click to indicate that you will pick them up or call them by phone. In the end, friendship on Facebook has it too Your icons.

Can I come back for a touch later?

Just as you can schedule a Facebook post when you can't write it in time, you can do this, too Respond to your touch when you need it. You'll just have to follow the same steps to give your friends a touch. After all, as we mentioned, the meaning of touch is that you are available to interact with one of your friends, and If not, it makes no sense to answer it. on time. So, rest assured that if you can't respond to a touch now, you will always have the option to do so Do it later.

What if I don't want to be touched?

Button to block a user on Facebook

Button to block a user on Facebook

If you come across a very annoying user and you don't want them to touch you, you always have a choice Prevent him.

The only problem is that when we block someone You also won't be able to see our interactions or send us messages on Messenger. There is no way to prevent someone else from sending us touches but it does allow us to interact in other ways.

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Will the return of touches be successful?

Touches disappeared from Facebook because Users prefer other forms of communication Such as calls or messages. But in a context where many people are saturated with too much information, they could succeed again.

Like his comeback Still in progress, it is now difficult to know whether they will truly succeed or whether, as in their previous phase, they will remain in one of Facebook's practically hidden functions that go unnoticed. But be that as it may, if you think that this type of communication can be interesting for you You already know how to use it.

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