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invitations Telemarketers Marketing is a constant problem in many people’s lives. They are an unwanted interruption to our daily moments, annoying us Quiet and privacy.

Although some countries have taken steps to reduce these unwanted communications, this problem still exists in many parts of the world. However, a man from California came up with an ingenious and somewhat controversial solution to deal with this problem: Using artificial intelligence (AI) to thwart this To telemarketers and divert their attention.

Spam phone calls have been a source of annoyance for many people, disrupting our daily activities and causing irritation and frustration. There is nothing more annoying than receiving a call from a Telemarketer Trying to sell you something you don’t need or just stealing your time and energy.

Although some countries have implemented regulations to reduce spam calls, there is still much that needs to be done to eliminate this completely. world problem.

The outstanding solution

in the midst of this problema California user has taken advantage of the technology and developed an innovative solution to combat spam calls. Use artificial intelligence And the so-called model ChatGPT, This guy has created a robot he named Jolly Roger.

The main idea behind this project is to waste the time of telemarketers and transform the receiving process This calls into something more enjoyable and less intrusive for users.

How does the robot work?

robot Jolly RogerOnce activated, it listens and analyzes everything the telemarketer says. Then he uses the capabilities of the model OpenAI GPT-4 AI to generate a customized response. To add realism, the response is handled by a sound like, allowing the conversation with the operator to continue in an apparently normal manner. This approach Provides a new way to deal with spam calls and unwanted callers.

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Diversity of characters

Service provided by Jolly Roger It is not just about frustration Telemarketers. Users have the option to choose between several characters Lead the conversation. For example, they can choose The white beardwhose voice was reproduced from a farmer friend of the creator, who drives the conversation on a funny loop.

There are also options like Bloody Bill or Whiskey Jack, more distracting personalities and prone to diverting telemarketer’s attention. These choices allow users Customize the experience according to your preferences and deal with spam calls in a more fun and creative way.

As controversial as it may be, using AI in the form of the Jolly Roger offers users a way to frustrate telemarketers and turn a negative experience into something more pleasant and less intrusive.

As technology advances, more innovative solutions are likely to emerge to tackle the problem of phone spam, giving people the opportunity to take back control of their communications and enjoy greater peace of mind in calls.

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