How to fix a faulty keyboard in Windows

Incorrectly configured keyboard in Windows is a fairly frequent problem and you can fix it with these steps that we are going to tell you.

If your keyboard is configured wrong, don’t worry, we will teach you how to fix it.

Has it ever happened to you that you turn on your computer and when you go to use the keyboard, you realize that it is not configured? If so, you should know that This is a common problem And that can be boring. Also, although it is often caused by a Windows language error, it can also be due to other reasons.

We have prepared this post to tell you how to fix a faulty keyboard in Windows, as much as possible It may be due to software or hardware problems. In addition, as you must already know, no electronic part is exempt from failure and for this reason, at times, there are keys that start to stop working, such as the Shift key or even the entire numeric keypad.

In the next few lines, we will review some solutions Can you help me correct this misconfiguration On the Windows keyboard, at the software and hardware level.

So you can fix software issues that misconfigure your keyboard

This is how you can solve some software issues that misconfigure your keyboard

This is how you can solve some software issues that misconfigure your keyboard

Not only the hardware components can cause failure, but also the software and the operating system, what is the same. next to, Although Windows is a fairly mature system, it is not without bugs. And many of these can end up with a wrong keyboard configuration. So, we are going to tell you some ways to fix it.

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Languages ​​button on the taskbar

To get started, you should know that in the Windows taskbar, You will find a lot of shortcuts And buttons that can be useful, such as the language button right next to the clock and the volume icons right next to it.

Usually this symbol Contains the initials of the language you are using your keyboard at that time. And if you click on it, a list of all the languages ​​you have installed will be displayed.

That is why, if you suddenly notice it, The keyboard is not in SpanishYou can quickly click on the language button and re-select your native language, which should correct this problem.

ALT + Shift key combination

Much like the previous solution, another way to fix the keyboard misconfigured issue in Windows is to resort to the ALT + Shift key combination, which is one of the best shortcuts you must learn from this operating system.

The abbreviation in question allows you to Switch between all the languages ​​you have installed In Windows, for that you can press this combination as many times as you want until Spanish is selected again. This is a variant of the previous solution, in case you don’t see the button on the taskbar.

Access the language settings in Windows

This is another way to fix Windows keyboard language issues

This is another way to fix Windows keyboard language issues

If the above does not work or throws you some kind of error, then you must resort to the solution which may take more steps, because You have access to Windows settings And to department time and languages.

  • The first thing is to access the file Windows settings.
  • Then you enter the department time and languages.
  • So, in the left column you need to enter language.
  • Now, on the right side you will see all your preferred language and settings.
  • You should know that only the person in the first place will be active on the keyboard at that moment.
  • You will simply have to find and click on the Spanish language to load it in the first place and set it as the default.
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And as an additional tip, if only the language is not unconfigured, But also the keyboard layoutDon’t worry, because it’s the same interface language You will be able to find, at the bottom, the distribution of this and you will be able to choose a file QWERTY.

So you can fix hardware problems that misconfigure the keyboard

If the above did not work The problem may not be due to a thread Software, but hardware. Obviously, in this case, the first thing will always be to turn off the computer and turn it on to see if it is corrected. If not, you can try the following procedures.

Clean the keyboard from dust and dirt

Cleaning your keyboard can help you solve many problems that it may cause

Cleaning your keyboard can help you solve many problems that it may cause

The first thing, and it is very important, is that you clean the keyboard, since the Dirt and dust may build up on the keys or the internal components of this peripheral device, causing a malfunction.

Therefore, it is recommended to clean the keyboard periodically Remove dust and dirt that may accumulate with use. Also, if your keyboard allows it, you can remove the keys for a more thorough cleaning. This can solve, in most cases, these problems.

Check if there is a problem with bluetooth

If you use Wireless keyboard that connects via bluetoothYou can try disconnecting and re-pairing to see if that fixes this issue. To do this, you must follow these steps.

*entrance Windows settings then in hardware. * In this section, you should look for a part of Bluetooth and other devices* Now, in this interface, you need to find the name of the keyboard and press it, then run Remove the device* When you remove it, you can re-pair it from scratch and maybe the problem will be fixed.

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