How to find free books and movies on Google Drive

Company Google Among its services is the possibility Store them in the cloud Various files. In this way, the memory performance of personal computers is improved and the information is kept safe in virtual space.

It can be files that everyone uploads to Drive Private, shared by approved people, or simply open It is free for anyone who wants access.

Photos, documents, short and long videos, Complete booksEverything can move to the cloud depending on the available capacity. There is a free volume of gigabytes, and by paying, you can access a much larger capacity.

Fans of cinema and literature, specialists in scientific disciplines and any field can go there. Entire libraries and cinemas.

Search for books and movies on Google Drive

Today there are many platforms that offer Books and movies Free, either for online access (with active internet) or offline (downloads), such as Stremio for movies and series, or Internet Archive For movies and books.

From Chrome, you can search for movies and books stored by other people in Drive.  Photo: Clarin.From Chrome, you can search for movies and books stored by other people in Drive. Photo: Clarin.

But those who like to “find the way” and challenge the rules of the virtual world, which are always lenient, love to find Tricks To access Drive and watch movies or read books for free, Without the need for a link.

Yes You open ChromBrowser GoogleAnd You type “” plus the name of the movie, book, or author you’re searching forThe screen will show you files that were uploaded with that name and were not protected with proper security. In the case of movies and books, you can make real discoveries and enjoy them.

How to protect your files on Drive

If you save files or data in the cloud, it is important to remember, whenever you are interested, Set it as private or shared only with whoever you want. If not, others will be able to access your information through unknown but possible mechanisms.

Drive search activity warns us that personal files, whether from your private life or work projects, can be “stolen” If you do not lock it with the tools the system provides you.

To sponsor your virtual deposit, you must select “Restricted” mode. For files you want to keep private.

Or better yet, have the potential to do so Close direct access to all your cloud space Instead of putting a lock on each file. And you can always go back and declassify documents or the entire space if you want to give someone access or just release it to everyone.

Text, photos, and videos can be saved to Drive.  They advise maintaining profiles using the mode "restricted".  Photo: Clarin.Text, photos, and videos can be saved to Drive. They advise keeping profiles in “restricted” mode. Photo: Clarin.

All these opportunities are provided to you by the Google service in its configuration, simply by clicking the button “Access Management”. Mark documents as “Restricted” and if you later want to share the information with someone, you only have to send them the link via email or WhatsApp. This resource is widely used when working as a team and more than one person comes in to work on or with that document.

So, if someone accesses your documents, they’re not stealing them, just you You’re leaving them on the “virtual highway.” Not classified as private.

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