How to Evolve Zygarde in Pokémon GO: The Complete Guide

in the vast universe Pokemon GOCreature Evolution continues to amaze trainers with its complexity and diversity.

One of the most interesting cases is the case Siegard, a powerful entity that has evolved in unique ways over time. In this article, we’ll explore Zygarde’s evolution in Pokémon GO in detail, detailing its requirements and transformations to provide a full understanding of the process.

The essence of Zygarde

SiegardOriginally from the area Callosis a mythical creature that represents harmony and balance in the world Pokemon. Its full form, known as Ziggard is completeIt consists of 250 zygote cells. In Pokémon GO, this unique entity has gone through several evolutionary stages, each with its own characteristics and requirements.

form 10%

The first stage of Zygarde’s evolution in Pokémon GO is a 10% form. To access this form, trainers must collect Zygarde cells. The 10% form features a canine look and agility in combat. Its strength and dexterity make it a strategic choice in battles and raids.

figure 50%

The next one is a 50% Zygarde formula. To achieve this evolution, trainers must collect 50 Zygard Cells. Forme is 50% closer to the look of the original Zygarde, providing a balance between durability and strength. This model is versatile and adapts to different combat situations.

complete model

The pinnacle of Zygarde’s evolution is his full form, also known as Full Zygarde. By collecting 200 Zygarde Cells, trainers can transform Zygarde into this majestic form. Zygarde Complete is a manifestation of strength and wisdom, capable of taking on the toughest challenges in the game.

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Tracks are a new item introduced in the Pokémon GO update. Routes can be found on the map and can be used to find Zygarde cells.

To use a path, you have to walk it. Cells can be found anywhere on the track. However, it is most likely to be found 50-200 meters before the end of the road. To collect them, you just need to touch them and they will automatically be added to your inventory.

Once you have enough cells, you can evolve Zygarde any way you like.

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