How to delete Amazon Prime Video playback history step by step

If you don't want a title to appear in your Prime Video viewing history, just follow these steps

Prime Video offers you the ability to delete those titles that you don't want to appear in your playback history

Prime VideoAmazon's live streaming platform lets you Check and manage your operating history Very easily. This way, you can know when you've watched a particular series or delete titles that you've watched and don't want to appear on said date. The procedure is very simple and We explain it to you step by step In this article so you can do just that.

When you browse the home page, you'll see that Prime Video shows you content you might like based on the series, movies, and other content you've already watched. Therefore, deleting addresses from history can be a very interesting method Personalize recommendations Brought to you by Prime Video. Of course, it also works for Protect your privacy.

How to clear Prime Video history

Prime Video Stores all content What you watch, whether from the mobile application, from the browser on the computer, or from the application for smart TVs. Based on this content, the platform Customize the titles you recommend So that it is always close to your personal tastes.

However, there may be times when you want to Edit your playback historyEither for privacy or so Prime Video doesn't suggest content that's similar to something you've seen and didn't like. Deleting history is simple, but it's something This cannot be done from the mobile app. You must access from Web version through the browserWhether on your computer or your smartphone. This is the procedure:

  1. Enter profile The date you want to delete.
  2. Place your mouse over your device Profile namein the upper right corner.
  3. go inside”Account and settings“.
  4. In the tab menu above, tap “Show history“.
  5. tap on “Delete episodes/movie from your viewing history” next to the content you want to delete.
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As shown in the same menu, delete videos from history It does not mean that the content will stop appearing in the “Continue Watching” section.. If you want to manage this small menu that appears on the home screen, the procedure to follow is different, but just as simple. All you have to do is find the “Continue Watching” section, Press and hold on the content which you want to delete and then click on it “Hide this video” In the application on your mobile phone.

In case you want to do that From your computerposition the mouse pointer over the content you want to delete, and then click Three dot button And in “Hide this season/movie”. This way, you'll have fully customized your Prime Video viewing history and Continue Watching list.

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