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We live in revolutionary times, we have crossed an incredible gap with all the technology that has been developed in recent years, giving us devices that have changed the course of the world.

With all this technological development, the Internet has also arrived, which is a huge information network that everyone with a device can access.

This advance was one of the most important for humanity, because with it would come many good situations, but also some inconveniences. For some, this is not an inconvenience, but for many others, we are talking about databases full of our personal and public information, sometimes with the utmost privacy. Having personal information spread across the web could annoy more than one person.

This information is not published online, generally, it is managed by technology companies, such as Google, which is one of the most used platforms worldwide, and as a larger company by working alongside brands. I feel this is very important for what follows.

We usually enter many of our data and navigations into Google, however, all Android users’ information is usually managed by Google as well, because without its permissions the devices cannot be used.

All this conglomeration of important or perhaps unimportant information, sometimes does not leave some people calm, but do not worry, in this note we will tell you how you can delete all the information that Google collects.

If what you’re looking for is to delete your Google activity, simply follow these steps:

  1. You will have to enter the < section My activity >> Using your Google account.
  2. Click or tap< حذف النشاط >>.
  3. Choose the amount of browsing time you want to delete, the last hour, 24 hours, and even from the start of the activity.
  4. And voila, all or part of your activity has been deleted.
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Image credit: Google

The same company, Google, explains that implementing these steps does not mean that all your information has been deleted, as there are other sections in which there are other types of your data, such as Google Maps location history, Google Play data, emails, and passwords, if you have a virtual assistant. Your searches will also be recorded.

To access them, just:

  1. Enter the same link< نشاطي >>
  2. Within this page you will find another option called< أنشطة أخرى >>, where you can find a series of options, each of which contains information
  3. You will have to delete them all manually one by one, it may sound tedious, but it is simple.

If you want to go further with this data, Google also offers you the option to delete your account, and this will end up deleting all your data that was linked to Google. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Find a section< البيانات والخصوصية >> In your Google account.
  2. Go to option< بياناتك وخيارات الخصوصية >>.
  3. Then go to< المزيد من الخيارات >>.
  4. You will see one called<احذف حساب Google الخاص بك>>, enter it and follow the instructions they give you.

Thus, all your data that was previously on Google will disappear, and only then can you be sure that none of your information will be found on the Google network.

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