How to create dynamic QR codes with QRTY.MOBI

You probably already know what a file is QR Code what is. Today we will tell you more utilities, tips and tricks related to it. In addition, we also recommend the best current service for Create dynamic QR codes in the simplest way. If you don’t know What is dynamic QR We’ll tell you too. If you take advantage of QR codes You should know that having dynamic icons takes the use of these icons to another level. To be able to use it, you need a platform like the one in QRTY.

QRTY.MOBI: Create and manage unlimited dynamic QR codes

If you are currently taking advantage of QR codes, you should know that there is a way to take them to another level: Dynamic QR Codes. These QR codes allow for various modifications, formatting, and design changes. unlike Standard QR CodeIt can be modified after its creation.

To be able to do this, you need to access the dynamic QR code management page. We recommend you Qrty.mobiIt is probably the best platform for creating, managing and modifying QR codes. You can’t just have it Unlimited CodesYou will also enjoy its customization interface.

Thanks to its platform, you will stop using the classic black and white square icons. Dynamic QRTY.MOBI QRs support color, format and more. If you want to give your codes a special touch, this is your best option.

QRTY.MOBI currently has a promotion in which you can use all the benefits of its platform Only 0.50€ for 14 days. Then you can choose the annual plan to enjoy Dynamic QR Advantages Throughout the year. Of course, always with unlimited codes and full access to all functions.

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Here are some of the advantages of using a payment system to create and manage dynamic QR codes:

  • Dynamic QR Codes, which you can modify and manage whenever you want
  • Create an unlimited number of dynamic QRs
  • Complete analytics to track your QR
  • Customize your code with our design tool
  • Export data in CSV / XLSX format
  • Download QR Code in different formats

Best utilities for dynamic QR codes

greatest benefit QR codes It is referring to web pages so that you can view the content without entering an address. The truth is that dynamic QRs support a huge amount of content that very few users are familiar with.

At QRTY.MOBI, they offer a large list of utilities for the dynamic QRs that they offer. These are just some of the uses you can give this type of code:

  • Restaurant menus
  • Vcard Plus
  • business pages
  • Websites
  • apps
  • Call the WIFI address
  • Point to a video
  • Point to PDF
  • look at the pictures

In addition, with COVID-19, the use of these codes has increased significantly to avoid unnecessary contacts. It is no longer necessary to have physical restaurant menus or any kind of information: everything can be viewed from QR codes. The bad news is that normal QRs do not support all types of content and cannot be modified when you need to make changes.

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