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threads It was eventually launched with the intention of competing directly with Twitter. While Blue Bird, owned by the ever-controversial Elon Musk, unleashed debate with its recent decisions and changes, Mark Zuckerberg meta capitalized on the situation and revealed his new social network, which he kept secret.

How to download, install and create an account on ? It is very easy and you can download it now using these links from also . Best of all, it’s universal and there are no restrictions at the moment. It will only take you a few minutes.

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Once this is done, you must disconnect your share in order to be able to join. It is very simple and Here at MAG we will walk you through every step so you don’t miss anything so you can separate yourself from Twitter., in case you want to leave it. Remember that if you ever decide to delete threads, you should also delete your Instagram account.

How to create an account on Meta Threads

  • The first thing we will do is go to Instagram.
  • Why Instagram? Well, it is one of the Meta platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • There we click on the search magnifying glass.
  • We simply type “strings” and we’ll see a ticket emoji.
  • Click the emoticon and it will take you to your cell phone’s app store for download.
  • In this case it could be Google Play or the iOS Store
Threads | In such a simple way, you can create your account in topics through Instagram. (Photo: Mag – Rommel Yubanki)
  • Then you will have to join your Instagram account with Thread, as well as choose a username.
  • You can even access its web version through its page . Although at the moment you can only see your profile.
  • While you can post anything on threads, others are not implemented yet.
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How Meta Threads will work

  • It has been learned that you can have the same Instagram account to use the themes, so there will be no need to register anymore.
  • You’ll also be able to decide if you want to follow all of your Instagram friends who are on Thread.
  • If you block a user on Instagram, they will be blocked at the same time on Topics.
  • It will be a space where you will discuss and talk in “topics”, very similar to Twitter.
  • It will allow you to follow other people to see their text posts, photos or videos.
  • Where can I download it? on the iOS App Store starting July 5, according to the information initially released.

Similarities between Threads and Twitter

The Meta app, which can be downloaded from the iOS App Store starting July 6 (after initial info), will be a space where you’ll discuss and converse in “threads,” similar to Twitter, but not all of it. Here I tell you other similarities that you can take advantage of.

Guided by the first leaked images from those who’ve already tried it, the interface looks very similar to Twitter since there’s a timeline where you can read the latest posts from the people you follow.

That’s not all, because you can restrict viewing of your messages and sharing content from others on your profile, as if it were a tweet, as well as liking posts and making comments. Finally, you’ll also get access to the blue verification badge, since it’s in threads.

Find out what happens if you delete your Topics account

  • In case you considered it threads It’s not for you and you prefer Twitter, you won’t be able to delete your new account.
  • In fact, it is possible to delete it, but that would mean that you would also be deleting your Instagram profile. Remember that you united them when you signed up.
  • You will see exactly the following notice:To delete your profile and data from Topics, you will need to delete your Instagram account.The message is clear.
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