How to convert PDF to Word without downloading any application?

There may be many situations when we need to modify a PDF file and due to the characteristics of the format, we are forced to look for a third-party application to make the relevant changes. In most cases, these types of searches end up with some kind of paid software that does not meet our needs. So, today we tell you how to do it 100% free and without the need for an additional download.

Although most tools It allows you to manage and edit PDF files. We may find ourselves faced with a situation where we need to convert the entire document to a universal format to make different types of edits: whether in school/university settings or in corporate environments. In most cases, in these types of situations, we do not have much time, and finding a free tool to perform such an action is not always easy.

However, the reality is that the solution may be closer than we think. Google Drive is one of the hMore complete tools Which we have at our disposal and, in addition, can serve us more Free us from more than one problem, Like the one we are dealing with in this article. Next, we’ll tell you how to convert a PDF file into an editable file without having to download any third-party application.

Convert PDF to Word using Google Drive

We will also be able to verify all The process is very simple In just a few steps we will be able to get our PDF file in Word format. The first thing we need to do is access our Google Drive account and upload the PDF file that we want to edit.

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To do this, we have to go to the folder where we want to upload the file and right-click. When the drop-down menu opens, we have to click on the button upload a file Wait for Google Drive to complete the uploading process. Which, in most cases, should not take more than a few seconds, depending on our Internet connection.

Once the file is uploaded, we must click on the notification that will appear in the lower right corner. And when it opens Inspectionwe have to access the Open with Google Docs that appears in the top middle and which we can see in the following screenshot.

The file will automatically upload in an editable format, giving you access to it to fill in any information, Modify any data is not correct or make any kind of change necessary to save the document later.

And to download it?

Once all the changes are made, we may want to save and store them in it Our Google DriveOr, failing that, we need to download it to send it in some other way. If this is our case, we also have the option to do so. In fact, we can choose between different shapes.

To do this, we have to click on the download option, and after that, Determine what the format is Which suits our needs. We can download it into Word so that we can continue editing it directly at any time, or, failing that, choose to create another PDF file, depending on the use we will make later.

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