How to check if you are a winner

(CNN in Spanish) — If you have applied for the 2025 visa lottery, you better get your information ready because the results are about to be published.

Between October and November last year, the US State Department activated the Immigrant Diversity Visa Program, also known as the “Visa Lottery” or “Green Card Lottery,” for the 2025 period.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by 2025 it will be available Up to 55,000 visas Within this program, which seeks to benefit people from countries with low levels of immigration to the United States and is considered a path to legal American citizenship.

The document awarded in this lottery grants the beneficiary permanent legal residency in the United States, and potentially allows him or her in the future to obtain American citizenship.

Immigrants who can benefit from this program must be from countries with historically low rates of immigration to the United States. To review which countries were eligible for the 2025 visa lottery, click here and go to Page 17 of the document.

The Department of State is responsible for administering the program on a random basis. However, those selected must meet certain safety and eligibility criteria.

How do I know if I am a winner of the 2025 Visa Lottery?

If you applied to the program between October and November 2023, you must check results starting Saturday, May 4 at 12 noon ET.

Before reviewing the result, prepare the following data:

  • The 16-digit confirmation number (numbers and letters) given to you upon registration
  • family name
  • Year of Birth
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When you have these three pieces of information, go to the following web page:

Once there, click on the blue button that says “Check Status.” Next, press the blue button that says “Continue” and then enter the three details mentioned above and the verification code for authentication.

Finally, press the blue button that says “Submit” to see the result.

What comes next?

If you are one of the winners, you must log in at this link And fill out Form DS-260 to apply for an immigrant visa. After that, you will receive an email indicating the date of the interview with the embassy, ​​where the visa will be approved or rejected.

It is important to check the results of the immigrant visa lottery to see if you have been selected. The State Department will not send a letter or email informing you if you have been selected. If you receive any kind of notification, ignore it as it may be fraudulent.

– With information from Carolina Calero.

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