How to Bring the Farmhouse Style to Your Home in 7 Steps

Timeless in its visual appeal and practicality, the modern farmhouse style can look the part in any home. Classical and contemporary interiors alike are perfectly compatible with the rustic, traditional and understated charms of this popular theme.

Best of all, nailing the modern farmhouse style at home can be surprisingly simple. With no interior design knowledge or expertise required, the principles of the farmhouse style can be applied with ease.

Not to mention, without breaking the bank.

To help you get started, here are seven ways to bring the rustic charms of the farmhouse style to any interior space:

1.  Paint the Walls in Neutral Colours

First up, it is important to establish a relatively simple canvas upon which to create your modern farmhouse theme. This means sticking predominantly with neutral colours, which can be anything from grey to cream to beige. White is also an option, but a slightly off-white tone is better.

In addition, avoid the temptation to use several different colours throughout the different rooms of your home. If you would like to extend the farmhouse feel throughout your property, stick with the same dominant colour throughout.

2.  Bring Dimension Into Your Spaces

This essentially means focusing on the kinds of elements that literally stand out from their surroundings. Use ornaments, wall hangings and other decorative features to bring dimension into the space, taking a deliberate step away from flawlessly flat surfaces.

The key lies in striking the right balance between the clean and the cluttered. There needs to be a liberal scattering of ornamental accents about the place, but not so much as to make the room feel cramped and chaotic.

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3.  Mix the New With the Old

Achieving the modern farmhouse look means just that – blending modern elements with older accompaniments. This could mean decorating a rustic extendable dining table with modern ornaments and place settings, for example.

Vintage vases paired with modern appliances, neutral colours brought to life with brightly patterned rugs and throws – all great for creating the ideal contrast.

4.  Exposed Wood

Anything you can do to bring the natural beauty of raw wood into the space is guaranteed to make a difference. You can do this with pretty much anything you like – everything from large pieces of furniture to simple decorative wall hangings.

The same can also be said for most unfinished, distressed and generally rustic materials. Copper in particular can be great for bringing the whole modern farmhouse theme together, particularly when paired with raw wood, natural stone and slate.

5.  Open Shelving

This is another quintessential farmhouse feature that looks particularly great in kitchens and dining rooms. Along with looking the part, open shelving can also be highly practical – quick and easy access to everything you need.

Shelves and shelving units with a modern farmhouse look can be purchased, or you can put your own together with reclaimed materials for an even more authentic look. As there are no covers or cupboard doors to install, they can also be surprisingly cost-effective and easy to set up.

6. Traditional Lanterns

Often the best lighting fixtures you can bring into a modern farmhouse home, lanterns never fail to make a statement. They are also incredibly easy to incorporate into a farmhouse theme, and can be positioned anywhere to great effect.

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Lanterns above a rustic dining room table look exquisite, as do those adorning front porches, patios and elsewhere. The design of the lantern can be as simple or elaborate as you like – it will always be the first thing the eye is drawn to.  The ultimate in understated elegance for the farmhouse home and readily available at affordable prices.

7. Large Statement Art

Last up, something farmhouses have historically had in common is a minimalist approach to decoration. More often than not, you would find a little more than one or two large statement pieces of art, hung imposingly to attract as much attention as possible. Art which in most instances would depict something of relevance to life on the farm.

This is a design principle that can be used to great effect when creating a modern farmhouse theme at home. Simply picking up a single large piece of art from a vintage store or antique fair can be just the thing to bring the whole room together. The same can also be said for large clocks, ornate mirrors and oversized freestanding ornaments.

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