How to avoid being detached from the outside world on Saturday

Embrace the new – and controversial – WhatsApp’s terms and conditions are a prerequisite for your continued use of the app. It will go into effect on May 15th, and all users who have not accepted the service will not be able to use the service normally.

The only and most effective way to avoid WhatsApp’s troubles New terms It’s very simple: accept them. In case you have already done this then don’t panic, as the app will continue to work. If you haven’t done so yet, in the next few days you will receive a message allowing you to accept or reject it.

WhatsApp explained this Accounts will not be deleted Those who do not accept the new conditions, but will introduce progressive restrictions. in the first place, After the deadline, they will only be able to receive calls and notifications, but cannot read or send messages.

After a “few weeks”, the WhatsApp application will be unusable

The company explains that “after a few weeks of limited operation,” more restrictions will apply. At this point, users who still insist on not accepting the terms and conditions will not be able to receive calls and notifications. They will also not be able to make calls and send messages.

WhatsApp does not specify when the second round of restrictions will be implemented – which would render the app useless – but it states that “It will not happen to all users at the same time«. However, it is necessary to clarify this If you have already rejected the terms and regret it, you can still accept them, even after May 15th.

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