How to activate MSN Messenger mode on WhatsApp

The application that marked childhood and adolescence for many people was MSN Messenger. This messenger was launched in 1999 by Microsoft and is considered the first “social network” in history.

If you have the opportunity to use it, you will know that it has distinctive features such as symbols, sounds and symbolism.”buzz“Do you want to go back in time and do your homework again?

Pay attention because it is in Suppressed We explain how to activate “MSN Messenger Mode” in WhatsApp.

MSN Messenger. Photo: El Universal Archives

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Going back in time has never been this easy! as, WhatsApp It doesn’t have the function to activate MSN Messenger mode, but you will have to use some tricks to customize the app like Microsoft’s.

Such as “Offline Mode”, “Word Mode” and “Rain Mode”, this is a series of tricks to give a fun touch to our account, messages, notification sounds and much more.

In the App Store or Play Store you will find apps to activate MSN Messenger mode through themes, keyboards and emojis. but, WhatsApp Recommends against downloading third-party applications as they do not comply with Meta security standards.

To customize your WhatsApp and go back in time MSN MessengerApply the following tips:

On YouTube, search and download Notification sound Of the messages that the original MSN Messenger had. Set it up for your WhatsApp chats and every time you receive a text, photo or video, it will look just like Microsoft chat.

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Change the Wall paper From your chats to anyone MSN Messenger. This is done from the “Settings” tab, then “Chats”, go to “Wallpaper” and select the new image.

Additionally, you can install the emoji guide. This app is available on the Google Play Store and allows you to activate the same emojis MSN Messenger.

Finally, modify the WhatsApp icon using Nova Launcher. For these last two tips, we recommend that you only download if it comes from an official site to avoid malware attacks. Malware On your mobile phone.

Put MSN Messenger on WhatsApp. Image: Pixabay

Simple change to icon WhatsApp can give you the full experience of MSN Messenger mode. We leave you step by step of Nova Launcher:

  1. Install and configure the application on your device.
  2. Download MSN Messenger icon in PNG format.
  3. Open Nova Launcher and search for “WhatsApp“.
  4. Tap the app icon and select Edit.
  5. Click on the icon again WhatsApp And find the image you downloaded in PNG format.
  6. Arrange the image and press “Done.” It’s that simple and you’ll feel like MSN Messenger is real again.

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