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WhatsApp continues to update itself with the aim of providing a better calling experience to its more than four billion users around the world.That's why they've recently added another new tool that will be very useful for those who care about the quality of the photography or video they send through their personal and group chats, as the Meta app will allow you to automatically share photos and videos in HD format.

It is not new to mention that WhatsApp compresses all the photos and videos that you send or receive, which is something that many people did not like because the file image quality was bad. newly, The developers have implemented the “HD” tool, which, as its name indicates, will be able to send elements with better visual quality.

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This option will not optimize your image, but will still compress it up to 1280 x 720 pixels if the file quality is higher. By default, everything is sent in standard format, so first you need to activate the “HD” function, Want to share everything in high definition automatically? Here I have tried this trick to keep the HD button on. Take note.

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This is how you can activate HD mode in WhatsApp

  • First download The trial version of WhatsApp for users robot.
  • how? Enter the Google Play Store and in the search bar type the name of the application “WhatsApp“.
  • Access the app and scroll down.
  • Here you will see the option To become a beta tester. If you can't find it, go to the next one .
  • Accept the terms and you will have to wait a bit for the download to start.
  • The next step is to open the app (it's the same) and go into Settings.
  • Go to tap on the section that says “Storage and Data”.
  • Look for the option called “Media download quality“.
  • You will get two alternatives: “Standard Quality” and “HD quality“, refers to the last thing mentioned.
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You have to select the “HD Quality” option so that it automatically starts sending photos and videos in high resolution. (Photo: Wapita Info)

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