How to activate AI responses from Google Search in Mexico at Search Labs and be among the first to try SGE

Through Google for Mexico, a conference held today, November 8, Google announced new functions that will come to its search engine in the Mexican territory. the Answers with artificial intelligence o Generative Experience (SGE) is the most striking, and you can now start testing this functionality with it Google Search Labs. So you can activate it to be among the first to try this new feature.

What is it Generative expertise in searches Google search labs?

Google decided to implement new capabilities within its search engine in Chrome, one of which is SGE or obstetric experiencewhich uses all the power of artificial intelligence to show better results Easier to understand By users.

For now, this new feature will only be available on PCs It’s very easy to get started with AI testing In the search engine.

How to activate artificial intelligence responses in Google search engine

Start using Generative responses using artificial intelligence It is very simple. The first thing you should do is go to Google Search LabsHere you will have to sign in to your Google account.

Now you will see a message telling you when Activating generative artificial intelligence In search results, this will improve the experience by displaying results that are easier to understand.

Once the AI ​​is activated, We can start using it by doing any kind of researchHere are some examples:

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And here it is, as you can see Google Generative SGE AI It highlights searches in a more explanatory way, this way the user can understand the topic better. Remember that in Basics of Xataka Mexico You can also find how to create images using artificial intelligence.

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