How to access free WiFi networks in CDMX?

Currently in use Mobile data It has become practically necessary because there are many procedures and services that can be done through it cell phone As long as you have some connection, here we are telling you how you can get it

Free internet


Navigating the Internet It’s not that simple if you don’t have a package with mobile data; However, there is an easy way to find Free wifi hotspot.

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A trick to making the Internet everywhere

If you are someone who uses the internet a lot and sometimes you run out of data, don’t worry, there is a platform that can help you with that Access to WiFi networksso you can use it.

It’s called the platform
Wi-Fi space

According to its website, it offers a service that allows you to find Wi-Fi access points Anywhere in the world.

This tool gives you the ability to identify WiFi access points and passwords Using the map with coordinates.

the navigation It’s fast and simple because you just have to click on the map to see where it is Free internet connection.

You can also search Cafes, restaurants, hotels, cafes, airports, fast food, cities or regions


How to use WIFI space?

You must log in to the website first Wi-Fi space.

You will see a Interactive map Where you can write the location or region in which you are located or where you will attend.

You will be able to see some colored markers distributed on the map; the green They are his

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open the yellow For networks that require a password but are visible on the platform and red It’s the signs that are nearby but you can’t access them because you don’t have the access code.

Select one of the bookmarks and you will be able to access the information necessary for communication.

It’s worth noting that if you want to contribute to the map, you can Add a point


In the map. Simply enter the site and network name (SSID) and password if present, then select the type of point it corresponds to.

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