How much money does it take to be happy, according to Harvard University

the happiness It is the ideal that millions of people strive for. Although there are those who believe that Emotional state Temporary, there are others who believe that it is something stable that is maintained over time.

Without a doubt, Happiness is a personal thing Often times, it is related to material goods or reasons that generate this feeling happiness And Satisfaction.

he moneyFor example, it is most closely associated with happiness. There are those They believe that the more money you have, the happier that person will become.. This means that access to economic stability This will cause a mood quickly.


A study conducted in Harvard university Guarantees that The annual amount needed for a person to achieve happiness is 72 thousand dollars annually..

Naturally, we took this into account people’s quality of life, the Bills The most common and feelings To wake up Meet basic needs.

In this article we will tell you more about The relationship between money and happiness.

What kind of happiness does money give?

he A kind of happiness What gives money that it Temporary emotional well-being Which affects economically, but also on Personal aspects person.

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the Feelings of contentment and joy Speak when through money can be covered Basic expensesGetting Self-developmentEnjoy New experiences And Reducing stress levels.

What is the relationship between money and happiness?

he Money and happiness Many times they are Related. John Jachimovich, a professor at Harvard University, confirms this economic stability Helps reach happinessbut this It’s much more than that.

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according to, Economic stability will be very helpful in dealing with unexpected events and basic needs Cause feelings Calm and controlled. but, Happiness is a state of mind that a conscious being experiences when it reaches the moment of personality formation or well-being..

A study presented by the Foundation on money confirmed this Reduces stress and has more control over negative events. This way, you can experiment Feeling calm And harmony Which may be related happiness.

Moreover, according to financial specialists, the issue is Don’t treat money as the ultimate goal To get happiness but as half To be able to access it.

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