How much does the Argentine wine that conquers the world cost in a Netflix series? – Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

Featured in the series are Malbec wines of Mendoza origin Body problem 3 Which these days is among the most watched on Netflix in the world. This wine, which is considered luxury and is priced at about 13,000 pesos per bottle, has achieved success abroad.

This way, the pride of Argentine wine is present on the small home screen. In fact, the famous bottle of Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec explodes in a scene from the most-watched Netflix series, which has already announced a new season.

In the sixth episode of the series, the character Jane, played by Jess Hong, carries with her a fish tank and a bottle of valuable Mendoza wine during a passionate scene with Auggie, played by Eiza Gonzalez. The appearance of Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec not only reflects the quality and prestige of Argentine wines around the world, but also adds a cultural touch to the plot.

This red wine, from the Luján de Cuyo region of Mendoza, combines grapes from the lands of Agrelo, Vistalba, Las Compuertas and Perdriel. At twelve months, it presents a fruity flavor with structure and soft tannins provided by the wood.

His winery is a sales leader in both the United Kingdom and the United States, the countries in which the series is filmed. In fact, the Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec brand saw a remarkable 74 percent growth in value in the UK during 2023.

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At an approximate cost in the country of 12,990 pesos, the Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec is positioned as a relatively accessible option for Argentines looking to enjoy high-quality wines, known for their flavor and aroma.

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At this time, the emergence of Trevento Golden Reserve Malbec in Body problem 3 It's a reason to celebrate Argentine winemaking. This fact confirms the position of Argentine wine as a premium product at the international level, capable of conquering palates and captivating audiences around the world, despite the fact that many Argentines, due to the economic crisis, cannot afford to buy it.

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