How much does Canelo Álvarez’s workout app cost and how does it work?

Saul Canelo Alvarez I decided to support the new app called Yo Boydo, Which translates as If I canwhich aims to accompany the training of its users through a personal guide that will provide Best exercise routine.

In addition, it will include other special functions that all athletes will want to have on their mobile devices.

What is included Yo BoydoCanelo Alvarez’s new app?

The application aims to People over 12 years old who wish to establish Effective routine Obtain good resultsHopes Lose weight or improve your fitnessbeing useful even for athletes.

Within the platform it is available Videos, photos and descriptions Which directs users in Implement routine procedures And in achieving your personal goals. In addition, it provides access to Daily exercise routines and weekly diet plansdesigned in real time and in a personalized way.

The app also allows you to integrate Fitness exercises With boxing based techniques Saul “Canelo” Alvarez training, Which makes it different from other workout apps out there.

how much does it cost Yo BoydoCanelo’s new app?

Although Canelo’s new app looks great, This is not free, Well, it has a cost ranging from $3.60 (67 MXN) for PIP And even $5.30 (99 Mexican Pesos) for a personal nutrition package.

In addition, it is only limited to users who have Apple branded deviceSince the application It can only be obtained through the App Store.

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